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Jim Clyde Represents! at The Braemar Highland Games, Braemar Scotland

Hi Joey!

The first shot was taken at the Braemar Highland Games, Braemar Scotland with Bill Hawkins, whose parents lived on Eastern Point and who is the brother of former Gloucester artist Robert Hawkins (who is now living in Formentara , Spain ).

The tradition of the Royal Family attending the Braemar Games was initiated by Queen Victoria in the mid-1800’s and has been continued ever since (Balmoral Castle is right down the road).  This year the Royal Family did not disappoint.  Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, The Duke of Edinburgh, and their son, Prince Charles arrived in their chauffeured Bentley State Limousine, sat in a special viewing stand, enjoyed the games and at the conclusion awarded the prizes for events such as: tossing the caber, tug-of-war, hammer throw, potato sack race (for the kids), etc. What’s highly amusing is that the Scots, being ferociously proud people, jealously guard their own Highland traditions and consider the Royal Family as “mere” guests to their event!  Incidentally, you might notice the rather large hood ornament on the Bentley…. It is (I believe), a lion couchant, and I’m guessing made of sterling silver!  Normally, the car sports a hood ornament depicting St. George slaying the dragon, but I’m guessing that to appease her Scottish “subjects”, St. George was replaced temporarily by the Scottish national symbol (which is, in actuality, dear Queen, the lion rampant)!

The second shot is from the Pitlochry Highland Games, Pitlochry , Scotland with Drum Major Kenneth Forbes….

If you think anyone would be interested, the two other shots are of the Queen, Phillip and Charles leaving in their custom Bentley. (I had second row seats and thus a good viewpoint!). 

Thanks Joey!

Jim Clyde, Essex

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Alchemy of Art Opening – Wednesday August 8th 5:30-7:30

From Jim Clyde:
“When the immortal Scottish poet Robert Burns penned the words….”the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang oft agley…” he must have had the plein air painter in mind.

Many times I have set up my easel in the brilliant sun of a mid-winter day only to find a short time later that the temperature has dropped 20 degrees and the wind has created a chill factor that renders one’s fingers inoperable.  Struggle on or pack it up?

Or the refulgent summer sky deteriorates into overcast and thunderstorms.  Not wishing to confirm Franklin’s theory of electricity, I fold up my easel and head home.

But there is nothing quite like painting outdoors, or “en plein air”.  Under the tutelage of Gloucester painter/teacher David Curtis, I have gained an appreciation of outdoor painting and the spontaneity that it necessarily generates.  By the way, you can always identify a painting that’s been done en plein air…. There are bugs and grass in the paint!”

Jim Clyde

Come join us to see Jim and his work this coming Wednesday evening to Alchemy’s brick room gallery from 5:30-7:30 PM.  And when you’re done taking in the view, if you’re still feeling frisky stick around for some live music by John Rockwell and some ladies night delights.  Music from 7-9.