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A Lobster Trap tree mini buoy from Cape Ann Art Haven goes to the State House

More public art and heart-

Thanks to Janice Lufkin-Shea, Pauline Bresnahan, Hannah Morris, David Brooks Cape Ann Art Haven, Senator Tarr and others,  Gloucester and its lobster trap tree and traditions  have a place in the Massachusetts Senate President’s Office. Here are photos of Senator Bruce Tarr with Stan Rosenberg, the 93rd President of the Massachusetts Senate, in the Senate President’s Office. First two photos from inside the State House were from Senator Tarr.

David Brooks writes that he hopes the buoy will be a permanent ornament, “but I’m not sure how long it will last. Its made of a small plastic net buoy and plaster. We made it as an Art Haven team and tried to make it look like a kid did it so it fit the character of the tree.” Perhaps a bronze version may be commissioned from Cape Ann Art Haven one day.

There were special ornaments to discover on the tree in City Hall, too, in the rotunda outside the Office of the Mayor.




Janice Lufkin Shea Braces For Weekend Storm With Raingear Available At The Cormorant Shop

Janice Lufkin Shea Braces For Weekend Storm With Raingear Available At The Cormorant Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Cormorant Shop Carries Very Affordable SouWesters and Rain Gear

Cormorant Shop Carries Very Affordable Sou'Westers and Rain Gear

Janice Lufkin Shea GHS Class of 63

Here’s Janice, member of our Block Party Committee, owner of the Cormorant Shop and good egg.   She brought by a pile of GHS yearbooks.  I’m looking for some yearbooks from the seventies and eighties if anyone has them, swing by the dock so I can take some pictures.

Senator Tarr Auctions Off Georgie Hansen’s Buoy

Forgive the terrible picture quality.   I did a horrible job shooting the pictures as I was distracted all night trying to figure out how I was going to steal away the lobster buoy with the lobster on it (more on that later).

But this was the scene with each child holding up their hand painted buoy and Senator Tarr auctioning them off.  I don’t know how he held his voice up for that long but he did a remarkable job.    Georgie is the daughter of good eggs Dave and Erika Hansen.  Erika was sitting in front of Janice Lufkin Shea and I and facing the stage.  When the bidding started she had no idea that she was bidding against Janice and I who were standing right behind her while she was facing the stage.  The bidding quickly escalated and when all was said and done Janice won out with an $85 bid.

The whole night was a huge success and I have to believe that they didn’t anticipate how many people showed up and actively bid.  When there is a great cause our community steps up and this was certainly a great cause.

Classy broad that Janice is she gave the buoy that she had just won back to Erika.

Lee Bolton’s War Games Headquarters

Last night our group of crazies got together for more Block party planning. Within the inner sanctum of the Cape Ann Business Incubator Lee Bolton runs his operation. It looked like a scene right out of the eighties movie War Games with Matthew Broderick and Alley Sheedy.

Lee is helping us with the huge slide show and video presentation for the Block Party but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if we find out that this guy is really plotting to take over the world from his command center deep in the bowels of the Cape Ann Business Incubator.

Downtown Gloucester Block Party August 16th -Be There!

Downtown Gloucester Block Party, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Thanks to the hard work and efforts of Janice Lufkin Shea, Councilor Jacki Hardy, Erika Hansen, Peter and Vickie Van Ness it looks like the request to close Main Street was voted favorably and unanimously to recommend to the full city council the granting of the permit as requested (with conditions).
The block party was voted in favor unanimously last night. 8-0 vote with several councilors expressing their desire to see this type of thing happen more often.
Bring your lawn chairs, get ready to dance and play and enjoy all that is Gloucester community spirit!
We Rock!

Janice at The Cormorant Shop

Janice has been in business with The Cormorant Shop for 16 years, the last 13 on Main Street in Gloucester. The store hours are 9:30-6PM. Here she displays her many nautical ties including several different lobster print ties, sailboats, Man at The Wheel and a Ship’s Wheel Print.

Janice at The Cormorant Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.