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Andiamos Stuffed Peppers

Last night we didn’t get to leave the dock til 7:45PM and when I called the Mrs to tell her I was on my way home she informed me that there was nothing to eat.  So I was going to swing into Sebastian’s and pick up whatever slices they had in the case to make a full pizza and head home to crash when I saw the empty parking space in front of Andiamos (the former Causeway Panini).


Andiamos Stuffed Peppers, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

I got a North End Prosciutto sandwich and a roasted eggplant sandwich and figured that once I got home we would split the two subs and have half and half each so that we could sample both.   The Mrs rarely tells me that I “have to” put anything on the blog but after just a couple bites of her Prociutto sandwich she gave me the “You have to put on the blog how fantastic this sandwich is.”
She kept going on and on about how fresh the tomatos were and how she’s not even a big fan of prosciutto but that her sandwich was incredible.  She described it as a gourmet sandwich for a sub shop price.
I concur.
Check it out and if you go there tell em the guy from the blog sent you.