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Can you Smell The Hot Italian Bread Baking in Sista’s Kitchen ?



This morning my new comare Maria Cannavo  came over to help me make the St. Joseph bread for tomorrow feast. In less then 3 hours we sampled our first batch of hot Italian bread… Heavenly….. OMG …..Delicious!  Monday we plan to meet again to make the bread for Next Tuesday nights S.t Joseph Trolley Festivities! Thank you Maria I’t always fun baking with you! Muah  



Virgilio’s Italian Bakery

How many of you have relatives that still go down and get their loaf of Italian bread every morning?

My Grandma Rose (although I never called her Grandma Rose, it was always Grandma with the store)  would take warm loaves of Italian bread, cut them flat in half, pour the good Italian olive oil on it and season it with salt and pepper.  I’ll tell you what, I could eat a half a loaf, even when I was ten years old.

Virgilio’s Italian Bakery, originally uploaded by captjoe06.