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A Murmuration-

A flock of starlings is called a murmuration.

I’ve witnessed this phenomenon happen over the Americold Freezer in East Gloucester looking at it from the front of our dock.  It’s pretty wild to witness.  It seems they flock together and prepare for migration because if I remember correctly it happen in late fall.

Something to soothe your eyes

I’ve been too busy moving to do be able to get much together for a blog post – I’m working on something about all the great places to buy 2nd-hand items in Gloucester, based on my experiences these days, but it’s not ready yet! So, here’s a photo I took two years ago, on vacation in Ireland.

The lake in front of Kylemore Abbey, in Galway, Ireland

Matthew Green

Nancy Hendrickson Represents! In Galway Ireland

Hi Joey,
Wow, It’s been a while, huh?  Sorry I didn’t see you during my quick
trip home.
I had meant to send something from my months in Germany but somehow
misplaced my sticker!  So, here are a couple photo’s from Galway, Ireland with love to GMG :)