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Flutter From Bill O’Connor

Hi Joey,

On a recent trip to Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield, I was followed by a couple of chickadees that would fly very close to me as I walked along the trail.  On a whim, I stopped and stretched out my arm with the finger extended and they would actually land on my finger and quickly fly away!  I tried to get numerous shots but found it hard to manage the camera while the bird was standing on my finger. I snapped this at the moment that one fluttered away.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


Jon and Carol Stack Send Their Best

Hi Joey,

My wife and I were in town last weekend but didn’t get a chance to stop around the dock to say hello. We had our grandson with us, and he keeps us pretty busy. Please let Paul know we hope his father is doing better, we were pretty sure that we knew where the Art Rock was going to end up, and my grandson was a little upset with me because he wanted to go in the pool at the Cape Ann Marina on Saturday night and I was glued to the laptop at 6:00PM. I noticed Pauls’ clue today and that’s where we had expected he was going to place it, oh well  maybe next time. I have attached a couple of photo’s of my grandson feeding the birds at Mass. Audubon’s Ipswich River site in Essex, one of our favorite things to do. Well keep up the good work we’ll be back this summer, our friends have persuaded us to come for a picnic.

Take care, Jon & Carol Stack from N.Y