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Instagramming the Fiesta

I didn’t get to all the events, but I got some good shots of several events with my iPhone, which I published on Instagram (@mehjg).  Here are a few:

Knights of Columbus

Three generations

The best hats in the Fiesta!

Blessing of the Fleet

For more, click here (a slideshow) or here (my Instagram photos on Webstagram)

iPhone accessory lenses review, for GMG iPhonographers

I recently acquired an iPhone 4s, and have been gradually discovering the possibilities of the camera.  Now I begin to understand the hoards of iPhonographers who have made the iPhone the most popular camera on the massive photo-sharing site Flickr!

The first and most obvious advantages of the camera are the fact that it has good resolution, generally takes good exposures (i.e. not too light or too dark), and is with you wherever you take your cell phone (i.e. practically everywhere) without adding to the junk in your pockets or on your belt.  Then there are cool apps like Instagram and Hipstamatic, which offer a variety of “vintage” effects, making it easy to add atmosphere to your photos.

Once I got involved in the iPhonography world, I noticed that some of my Instagram friends were taking awesome photos of the moon and other long-distance shots… which led me to check out conversion lenses for the iPhone.  I found what I was looking for on Photojojo.com, a site with more cool (and sometimes crazy) camera gadgets than I have seen in any other place. This is the complete kit I bought for $79:

Four of the lenses (macro, 2x telephoto, 0.68x wide angle, and 0.28 fish eye) connect using magnetism – you get a sticker with a magnetic ring you stick around the lens on the iPhone. The 8x telephoto screws into a special case, and comes with a tripod.

Here are some comparison photos of all but the macro lens to show you the results. I took them all from exactly the same spot in the rectory window, using the tripod (the first photo is the setup I used).

The iPhone mounted on the tripod with the zoom lens attached to the special phone case (all three included in the kit)

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Slideshow of Debbie Clark’s demonstration at the Cape Ann Museum

Click on the photo to view a slideshow

The demonstration was fascinating.  Debbie’s creative process is very free and spontaneous – which works, I think, because she has developed great skill and has lots of talent!  She described how the some of materials she uses often change over time through interaction with each other and with the environment, so on-going change is a part of the artwork.  You can see some of the results hanging on the wall behind her. Really beautiful work!

Incidentally, these photos were all taken with my iPhone, many of them using some cool lenses I bought.  As you can see, the lenses aren’t “transparent”, in the sense that they cause some distorsion, but it’s an interesting effect. I’ll post about that later for anyone interested in exploring iPhonography…