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Is It ok to Publicly Make Fun of Someone Taking a Picture with an iPad?

A few weeks ago I saw a group line up for a picture at the Santa Monica Pier and then the picture taker reached into their bag and took a picture with an iPad. With technology getting smaller and smaller it is quite a site when someone pulls out a camera as big as a sheet of loose leaf paper and asks people to say “cheese”. I understand that the camera is intended for video chat, similar to the function on a PC, but I don’t know what to say about this. The only acceptable thing to do is stop this before this becomes an epidemic. Hasn’t the smartphone & tablet technology taken over enough of our lives? We see enough people checking their smartphones in the car. What’s next? I will flip if I see someone driving and reading a magazine on their iPad! I think there are very few things that you can call someone out publicly on. This is definitely something that I feel is perfectly ok to do and I encourage it before people get too ridiculous with their iPad and this becomes acceptable. If you see someone on the boulevard doing this please snap a picture of them and tell them that the best camera is not always the one that is with you.

Can you imagine if you saw someone pull this out at the part of the concert when people whip out their cell phones for the part of the concert that used to be meant for lighters?

Thanks – Patrick