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Sista Felica’s Extends an Invitation To All SJP Students Tomorrow


opendoorBy now everyone has heard the media reports about the bomb threat made earlier this week at St. John’s Preparatory School in Danvers Ma, for tomorrow’s school day.  School administration has worked closely with authorities all week and has successfully implemented precautionary guidelines for the school community to follow.  The decision to send our sons to school tomorrow has been the topic of discussion all week. We were notified today that tomorrow classes remain as scheduled, but they will be allowing an excused absence to any student not attending tomorrow’s classes.

Tonight every SJP Parent needs to make a decision that they feel comfortable with. This is not a time to cast stones and make judgment on others and their decisions. But I thought I ‘d extend an open invitation to those who have decided not to attend classes tomorrow.

This afternoon, I reached out to The Open-Door Food Pantry to make arrangements for an afternoon of service for any St. John’s Preparatory student who has decided to not attend classes tomorrow.

All are Welcome to participate.  Please help me spread the word to SJP students who may be interested in helping others tomorrow


PLEASE IN BOX ME YOUR SONS NAME IF PLANNING TO ATTEND~ the open door can accommodate small and large groups, I just need to provide a head count before noon time tomorrow.


The boys are scheduled to begin at 12:00 pm tomorrow (I will Chaperone)

Dress: in comfortable work clothes


The Open-Door Food Pantry

28 Emerson Avenue

Gloucester Massachusetts 01930