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June 2013 International Dory Race Photos From Anthony Marks

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2013 June International Dory Race Eliminations Results

3 races, winners
Masters over 40 Erik Dombrowski Glenn Harrington
Men’s open
1st heat Joe Cominelli Ray d’Amico
2nd Heat Jimmy Tarantino Tom Jarvis
These two face off Monday night at 6 PM Niles Beach to determine US team for Open category.

photo (2)

Going Strong at 60 By Tim Oakes- International Dory Race Eliminations Round-Up From Timmy Oakes

First Race

The International Dory Racing Committee kicked off its 60th season on Saturday with a loaded field of accomplished and determined veteran rowers looking to represent the city against rowers from Lunenberg, Nova Scotia on June 23rd.

The field of rowers that will represent the City against their Canadian counterparts in the North Channel of the Inner Harbor of the semi-annual international rowing event is almost set.  Representing the City will be Lenny Billante/Jay Prince (Master), Denise Desautels/Edie Wald-Smith (Women), Randy Parisi/LJ Robertson (Junior) and Jimmy and Laurel Tarantino (Mixed).  The winning tandem from Monday night’s Men’s Division final will complete the field.

Counter to recent rends, the Men’s Division kicked off the day’s races with nine crews looking to secure a spot in Monday’s final heat. Each of the three-boat elimination heats were filled with past international dory champions.

While the rowers and the races usually provide the highlights for the day, Mother Nature certainly played a role as the day’s races were made more difficult by strong winds and a running tide.  The conditions tested the skill and technique of all of the rowers that participated in each of the elimination races.

At the conclusion of the Men’s elimination races, the dory tandems of Erik Dombrowski/Glenn Harrington, Mick Cote/John Swift and Ray D’Amico/Joe Cominelli overcame difficult race conditions and strong competition, pulling their way clear of the field and earning a spot in the final heat.

In the first heat, Erik Dombrowski/Glenn Harrington steered clear of a tightly packed, wind blown field on the way out to their half-mile turning buoy and powered through the course in a time of 8 minutes and 56 seconds, outpacing the crews of Steve Goodick/Alan Morrissey (9:14) and Jeff Muise/Len Robertson (9:17).

The second heat of the morning, which was the closest of the Men’s Division races, went to New Jersey rowers Mick Cote/John Swift.  In a high risk, high reward decision, Cote/Swift elected to start the race in the far corner of the start line, a distance from their fellow competitors, hoping to minimize the impact of the strong winds on their course out to the turning buoys.  The strategy paid off as Cote/Swift (8:56) edged out a hard fought victory over Mark Duval/Joe Sanfillipo (9:00) and Chris and Vito Giacalone (9:05).

The final Men’s Division elimination heat of the morning, which not only featured rowers with tons of international racing experience and success, but also the son of one of the first rowers to represent the US in the very first international dory race in 1952.  In worsening conditions, Ray D’Amico/Joe Cominelli (9:11) overcame a nearly disastrous course to the finish line to clip hard charging Jimmy Tarantino/Tom Jarvis (9:12) and Jerry Ciarametaro/Zack Morrissey (9:33). 

It is worth noting that D’Amico is the son of Steven D’Amico, who paired with Jerry Nicastro in the first race against legendary Canadian rowers Lloyd Heisler and Russell Langille in 1952.  D’Amico is looking to represent the US sixty years after his father rowed in the same race. 

The Master’s Division (Over-40) race continued the trend of close finishes.  Lenny Billante/Jay Prince (6:09) earned a measure of revenge over Mike Harmon/John Scola (6:10) when they made one final push and crossed the finish line just ahead of their closest challengers, in the exact same manner they lost to Harmon/Scola in last August’s elimination races.  The tandem of Bill Edmonds/Mike Frontiera (6:26), who lead the race approaching the quarter-mile turning buoys, finished third.

The Junior Division races, which were won handily by Randy Parisi/LJ Robertson (6:06), were marked by the entrance of a new tandem of brothers Ben and Ian Sewell, who hail from Amesbury.  The Sewall’s, who normally row on the Merrimac River, were not accustomed to the nuances of the open water course and were further hampered by the difficult conditions which challenged even the more experienced rowers throughout the day.  Undaunted, the tandem finished the course, picking up valuable race experience.

The last races of the day featured three tandems in the mixed doubles division.  The rowers did not disappoint as the race, like all of the other heats, was not decided until the crews were on their way back to the finish line.  The husband and wife tandem of Jimmy and Laurel Tarantino (6:24) defeated Tom Jarvis/Denise Desautels (6:33) and Jeff Muise/Edie Wald-Smith (6:42).

There were no Women’s Division elimination races.  The tandem of Denise Desautels/Edie Wald-Smith were unopposed and elected not to row the course. Desautels and Wald-Smith will automatically advance to the international races on the 23rd.


International Dory Race Dory Prep Day March 26th

imageJoin us this Saturday, March 26th, 8:00 AM at Eastern Ave Self Storage for dory prep day!  Roll up your sleeves and volunteer a couple hours to scrape and paint the practice boats in anticipation of an April 2nd launch date.  We look forward to seeing you there.



Jimmy T writes-

I look forward to seeing you all, Saturday, to start our 2011 season! It’s going to be cool  at 8 a.m. so you may want to bring some light gloves and a hat. Also anyone who has a scraper and/or sander please bring them. A shop vacuum would also be helpful.  Hopefully we’ll have plenty of people and be done by noon. If we get 2-4 people to a boat the work goes quickly.
If you know new people who might be interested in rowing, this is good opportunity for them to get a foot in the door and get to meet us all!
See you there!


That Time Of Year- International Dory Race Season To Get Under Way


A Note From Jimmy T

This is going to be a big year for the International Dory Races! Looking at the Schedule of Events for 2011 Erik sent out a few weeks ago, we’re only a week and a half away from Dory Prep Day on March 26th, 8 a.m. at Eastern Ave Self-Storage! This year our practice boats are last years race boats!!! I intent to take one of these in the Essex River Race and encourage all members to participate in the local season opener as well! Anyone interested should contact me asap to start planning logistics.
But first we need your help. Anyone who can give just an hour or two ( everyone has an hour or two to spare!) next Saturday, to help scrape and paint, or the following Saturday, April 2nd to help launch!!! Let us know.
Please, we NEED help, those of you who never make the time to pitch in can turn over a new leaf this year, you’ll be glad you did!
See you down the dories!

Click Here For More Info On How You Can get Involved- http://www.internationaldories.com/

Dory Rowing Is A 12 Month Activity


The International Dory Race Committee would like everyone to know that there are still two freshly painted practice dories in the water and available for use all through the winter.

For more information and to sign up or sign up a friend or loved one as a holiday gift you can check out the International Dory Website here (a full year membership is only $60)

Membership is $60 for 1 year, and runs January to January. Membership includes use of committee dories, loaner equipment, and race and committee event invitations. To become a member, download the membership form here.

Erik Dombrowski writes-

Many thanks to the people who volunteered some time to haul the race dories last weekend.  An excellent turn-out by our members allowed us to finish by 9 AM and make light work of putting the dories to rest for the winter.

Please keep in mind, though that we currently have 2 practice boats with freshly painted bottoms that will be in the water to be rowed all winter.  We don’t want to discourage winter rowing by true iron men & women like Damon & Hilary!!!

See you all soon.


International Dory Race Eliminations Results As They Come In

Mixed Doubles Winners Len Robertson and Christina Carpenter



Juniors Winners Randy Parisi and LJ Robertson



Women heat Unopposed Winner Amy Robertson/Christina Carpenter


Winners Over 40 Heat 1 Mike Harmon/Joe Scola


Winner Over 40 Heat 2Ray D’Amico/Lenny Billante


Winner Seniors Heat 1 Joe Sanfilippo/Mark Duval


Winner Seniors Heat 2 Mike Cote/John Swift


Video- Building The New Grand Banks Dories With Geno Mondello, Sunken Schooner Esperanto Salvaged Ships Bell

This Morning (Saturday June 5th) The International Dory Race Eliminations are being held at Niles Beach.  They start at 8:30AM.

Besides being a fantastic event, it may be your last opportunity to wish Jimmy T well before he shoves off as a “fish inspector” down in the Gulf.;)

Here’s video taken just this week of the new Grand Banks Dories being built for the International Dory Group here in Gloucester.  They are adding 3 more dories to the many dories that you are able to use for a simple $50 yearly fee.

There’s also a huge bell in this video which was salvaged from the Schooner Esperanto which you may find interesting.

Schooner Esperanto

From The Website of Tom Welch which has much more information here

Gloucester Fishing Schooner, “Esperanto”, 1920

Captain “Marty” Welch

The schooner Esperanto was designed by Tom McManus of Boston, built by Tarr and James Shipbuilders of Essex, Massachusetts, and launched on June 27, 1906. Esperanto was 107 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 11 feet deep. Esperanto’s gross weight was 140 tons, and her net weight was 91 tons. She was named for the international language of Esperanto, which means literally “the hoping one”.

Despite the highly dangerous nature of fishing in the north Atlantic from sailing vessels, and the terrible death toll that resulted, there was only one life lost on Esperanto. On 17 March 1916, crewman John Burnham of Gloucester was knocked overboard by the main boom, and drowned.

On May 30, 1921, just months after winning the International Fisherman’s Schooner Race in Halifax, Esperanto struck the submerged wreck of the “S. S. State of Virginia” off Sable Island, and sank. The crew manned Esperanto’s dories and rowed away, and were eventually rescued. The skipper on that trip was Capt. Tom Benham. Isaiah Gosbee, the cook from the 1920 races, was among those aboard Esperanto that day.

Attempts were made to salvage Esperanto, and she was actually raised by pontoons several times, but each time she slipped beneath the waves again. After a month of attempts, the efforts to raise her had caused such damage that the salvage operation was reluctantly halted.


New Race Dory Ready To Rock and new Dory Being Built

Three new Race Dories were commissioned by the International Dory Race Committee.  here is a finished one and below another under construction in Geno Mondello’s Dory Shop at the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center.






International Dory Race Eliminations This Saturday At Niles Beach

What is always fun to watch and a great way to spend a morning this Saturday The International Dory Races will hold elimination races starting at 8:30AM at Niles Beach. Don’t worry if you don’t show up right at 8:30 there will be a decent amount of the morning to catch the exciting action from the beach. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- here is the recipe for a fantastic morning.

Grab the kids- stop by Last Stop Variety- grab a coffee and chocolate chip/blueberry muffin and head down to Niles for the races. It’s a true Gloucester tradition and a fun way to spend time with the family. You can join in the fun for only $50 a year and use the dories which are tied up at St Peter’s Marina in Harbor Cove.

click for expanded schedule-


Click here for pictures of what you can expect to see including Jimmy T proclaiming himself the Worlds Greatest Grand Banks Dory Rower

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2221738&dest=-1]
From Jimmy T-
Dory rowers wanted. The more the merrier. Compete in the elimination races to determine who will represent the U.S. vs. Canada in the International Dory Races on June 19th, 2010.

If you don’t have a dorymate come anyway and possibly hook-up with another rower for the races. You could end up winning…stranger things have happened. We particularly need women rowers but are looking for rowers for all Divisions.

Friday night, June 4th, 6 p.m. at St. Peter’s Square.

International Dory Race News From Jimmy T

We are only a week and a half away from the first elimination races! June 5th rowers will be putting it all on the line to see who will eventually represent the U.S. in the International Dory Races on the 19th. We encourage any and all rowers to participate, be part of the racers and experience the camaraderie of all the competitors!

Volunteers needed!

We need people to help carry one of the new boats at the Dory Shop on Harbor Loop. This Saturday at 1 p.m. you will be paid in victuals and libations immediately following the move! (Gino is cranking on the dory building and we may be racing in the new boats this fall!!!)

We also need help during the eliminations and will be needing rowers to teach kids to row in early June.

See the website for details of all the events.