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Gloucester Harborwalk News! From Catherine Ryan

Hi Joey,

News from the Gloucester HarborWalk.  For readers who haven’t heard, the Gloucester HarborWalk is a free, self guided path downtown for residents, employees of surrounding businesses, and visitors. The build out began this year. There are many elements happening all at once. The blooms and landscaping are already growing in.

The ramp at I4C2 is well under way and part of making the Gloucester HarborWalK image accessible for all image

Some of the Story Moment markers have been installed. Some are maps. You might also see some of the Story Moments or maps wrapped, because they need to “cure” or set for 24 hours before they’re securely installed.  Here’s architect Chris Muskopf from Cambridge Seven Associates with Sarah Garcia and Mike Hale and others up by the Fitz Hugh Lane House today. Also see pictures of Sean and Kevin from Mystic working on the installation of one Story Moment to a granite post; and an art lesson nearby. Sean and Kevin showed us an example of one of the relief icons that can be traced and collected from each Story Moment. The Story Moments also have QR codes to scan. The QRs are not “live”…yet!  Keep checking for yourself the progress as the HarborWalk continues to build out.

Pics from the Gloucester Harborwalk Story Moment Markers install from Catherine Ryan-