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Swatting Imaginary Butterflies

The Bean had her first Swatting at Imaginary Butterflies lesson yesterday.

I’d call it a tennis lesson but she probably inadvertantly hit more imaginary butterflies than tennis balls.

I call ’em like I see ’em.  Hopefully I’ll never be one of those parents that walks away from something like that and tell all my friends and relatives how my children are really advanced for their age.

I like to joke with people that my girls are 150th percentile at stuff and then look for the reactions as they try to figure out what that means.

Like after a doctors visit my mom will ask how it went and I’ll tell her that the Bean is 150th percentile for math reasoning.   I’m not sure if she knows if I’m kidding or not, but it’s really just a jab at all those obnoxious parents that blabber on and on about their average children as if they were superstars.