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The Genius Who Redesigned Gum Packaging Should Be Publicly Flogged

I took this cell phone pic this morning as I was getting ready for work.  That pack of gum was not propped to look like the mess it is.  That’s the way it came out of my pants last night when I put the stuff in my pockets onto my bathroom vanity at the end of the day.

Can someone please explain to me what kind of mental giant came up with this design?

I think we should find out what school this person went to and publicly humiliate that institution of higher learning.

It is inevitable that the packets of gum flail about in your pockets and never stay put.  It’s a mess.  Bring me back those old school Wrigley’s packets with the Doublemint or Juicyfruit FTW!

This shit is just not acceptable.



I’m thinking we should borrow some more money and make these places parks, because you know, we don’t have enough places for the public to access the water in Gloucester.

I mean if you take away the miles of beaches like Cressey’s, Good Harbor, Niles, Half Moon Beach, Pavilion Beach, Plum Cove Beach, Lane’s Cove, Wingersheek Beach ,the Back Shore and the Boulevard and the landings such as Cripple Cove, Gardiner Landing, Clay Cove, Oakes Cove, Ben Smith Playground, Fort Square Playground, Gus Foot Park, the State Fish Pier, there’s virtually no where at all for anyone to access the water.  It’s criminal the way the public in Gloucester is denied access to the waterfront.DSC03873

Taxes, we don’t need no stinking taxes from these properties developed, do we?  And we know that anyone intending to actually turn a profit on any of these properties and employ people we need to demonize because they are EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!  Bah!

Let us make a resolution in 2011 that under no circumstances should any person who wants to actually create jobs and invest in these properties be allowed to.  We need to stay the course, because obviously you can see from the pictures  that that course has led to tremendous results!!!!

Let us support wholeheartedly the politicians that demonize any potential investors in these properties and put roadblocks to their redevelopment. 

Give Us More Parks- More Non-Profits and More Places That Need To Be Supported By Donations From the Public!  Clearly all of the Non-Profits Around the City Could Use Some More Competition For the Private Dollars That Support Them.  The Judith Sargent Murray Museum, The Heritage Center, The Adventure, Ocean Alliance, They Could All Use Another Two Or Three Non-Profits Vying For The Same Dollars For Support.

As Our Lobsterman Mark Ring Says of The Aquarium Idea For I4 C2- “Those Poor Fish At An Aquarium Will Die Of Loneliness For 10 Months Of The Year.”  Possibly The Funniest and Truest Thing I Heard In All Of 2011.



Read about recent victories in Gloucester Boston in this Globe article-

Gloucester Boston- Waterfront hits its stride



Who in their right mind adds celery, tarragon, or lettuce to a lobster roll?????


Read how these non-professionals handle their lobster rolls up in Maine-


Then see this post on how it’s done by the all-time greatest Lobster roll preparer- The Mrs-


Ingredients For The Worlds Greatest Lobster Roll

Ingredients For The Worlds Greatest Lobster Roll

Once you shuck your lobsters, place the lobstermeat in the fridge to cool.

Once you shuck your lobsters, place the lobster meat in the fridge to cool.

Buttered Rolls

Buttered Rolls

Grill The Buttered Rolls

Grill The Buttered Rolls

Mix the cool lobstermeat and the Cains Mayo and place into warm grilled buttered rolls for the worlds greatest lobster roll.

Mix the cool lobster meat and the Cains Mayo and place into warm grilled buttered rolls for the worlds greatest lobster roll.

thanks to SandyBayDay for pointing out the article about inferior lobster rolls in Maine