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Ice sculpture? From Jim Clyde

Hey Joey!

A friend of mine from East Gloucester sent me this “ice sculpture” hanging off a tree in her neighborhood…. Formed by water dripping onto windswept twigs… fascinating!

I see two goblins (or ghaists, as the Scots would say), flying through the air?

What do you see?

Jim Clyde


Art Haven Ice Sculpture & Lobster Trap Tree

If you haven’t been downtown in a while this is the perfect opportunity to head down, marvel at the fantastic Christmas displays, stroll through some of our fantastic shops,get a cup of coffee at our fantastic coffee and tea houses, or a bite to eat ate the best dining north of Boston- right here in Downtown Gloucester!  We Rock!

Fisherman Statue Ice Sculpture Cape Pond Ice

It’s a sculpture of a sculpture!  This particular ice sculpture has been hanging around frozen inside Cape Pond Ice for four years.  It is shown on the tours that they give.   Part IV video is coming at 9:00AM