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New GMG Series: Stories From Vietnam Illustrated And Told By Our Friend Hussey

Tuffy shares:

David Hussey and I started fishing together in Nahant MA in the early 70’s. I was 16 and he was 30, and he had just gotten back from spending over a year in the jungles of Vietnam as a Staff Sargent. Eventually he was transferred to the base (the rear), to serve as a Supply Sargent for the rest of his tour. This transfer saved his life.

The stories below I’ve known for years, they would be shared on long days out at sea over the 35 years we were partners. Back then, there wasn’t as much awareness about PTSD or therapy available for people leaving war, and I was glad to listen.

There are so many brutalities of war that most of us will be lucky enough to never know. For soldiers, these memories can constantly loop in their mind, sometimes for the rest of their lives. These are David Hussey’s.

Part 1

Enemy caught drinking out of bomb crater.

Hussey in the visor with Scott Swicker and Tuffy back in 1983.

Gloucester Fishing Throwback- 1983 Scott Swicker, Hussey and Tuffy Fishing Wooden Lobster and Crab Traps Off An Old Wooden Novi Boat

Photos from Tuffy

If you don’t think those old wooden lobster traps weighed a whole hellova lot more than today’s wire gear then you don’t know much about then and now lobstering.


Look how skinny Swicker was back then…


Tuffy Says “That’s No Baby Lobster”

Tuffy writes in-

I saw the (lobster) toby brought in on your website. The old timers used to call them snow lobsters but that probably isn’t the real sceintific name for them.  They only get that big and they are not the same as the lobsters we are catching.  It takes a keen eye to see them and ONLY after a really big blow.  The last time Hussey and I spotted a couple on the rail was after  91′ storm.  They burrow deep in the mud tunnels. tuf

that was a rare find