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2011 Coastsweep Event Last Thursday Pics From Howard Amaral

Hello Joey, Here are several pics of Coastsweep at Plum Cove Beach, Homie was there to represent!

The Cleancity Initiative sponsored a Coastsweep Event at Plum Cove Beach Thursday. Each year volunteers clean and collect data from what they pick up, and submit it to the Ocean Conservatory in Washington D.C. The data is collected from the entire east coast and used to help define what materials are littering our waterways and beaches, and work towards environmental solutions to reduce or redefine how the materials are used. There are more Coastsweep events scheduled for this fall, please volunteer to help out.

“Help us to Keep our Homeport Clean”

Howard P Amaral and Patti Amaral

Coastsweep with Homie 1 copyCoastsweep with Homie 2 copyCoastsweep with Homie 3 copyCoastsweep with Homie copy