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Origami horseshoe crab

At a cottage by the sea, I had to fold something appropriate!

This is my first try at Robert Lang’s origami horseshoe crab. Folded from a single uncut sheet of foil paper.  It would be better with brown paper, but I didn’t have the right kind on hand; foil was the strongest, thinnest paper I have with me right now on vacation…


It has a few challenging steps in it…

Matthew Green

Chickity Check it- HorseshoeCrab.org

Yesterday Pablo showed up with this horseshoe crab.  I’m not exactly sure if they are endangered or not so I took a couple pictures, a short video and tossed it in the ocean.

Then I came in the office and found this fascinating site dedicated to the creature- http://horseshoecrab.org/

Horseshoe Crab, originally uploaded by captjoe06.