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When driving by this very talented artist, you want to pull over and look at these beautiful pieces of art made from used metal.  Notice the utters on the cow.

Tuna mailbox and the Dragon

Happy Halloween

Love the pumpkin in the mouth

Horses made from Horseshoes

Clever Cow


For our local equestrians, Jeff Papows shares the following ~ee42cd13-22dd-4a2b-88ae-4001664f61baThe 2017 version of The Silver Oak Jumper Tournament Prize list is now available.  Prize lists will be mailed on April 1.  An online version is available on our website www.silveroakjumpertournament.com

Improvements to the property continue at Fieldstone Show Park since last September–leaving no area unattended and promising utopian conditions and a beautiful setting for top level show jumping.  Olaf Petersen, Jr. will be returning again to set the courses in the Grand Prix Ring and Nick Granat will be returning to care for Ring II and the World Equestrian Center’s YJC young jumper ring.

For those desiring a prize list prior to April, please contact Sharon at the following email address: sharon@silveroakjumpertournament.com

ff0154a9-9e57-4deb-bc00-f56e83c84c16The 2016 $75,000 Grand Prix Champion: Callie Smith onboard Attention Et Z

Horses on Good Harbor Beach – Enjoying the Sun

Saturday was a beautiful day, it seemed that everyone was out, and enjoying Good Harbor Beach, not just people walking their dogs, but their HORSES.

Munch-Kin and Jessie from a far, looked like two very very large dogs, and they also enjoyed the good weather at the beach.

Horses on Good Habor Beach

Video to Follow…..Beautiful Day to take your pet for a walk … even if it’s horse.