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Homie Watching Over Gannet ‘s Blackburn Challenge Crew Saturday–Off Dog Bar Breakwater From Rick Isaacs

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Today is Homie and Rubber Duck’s First Anniversary

I cannot believe it has only been one year since the Rubber Duck met Homie on a blustery day just like today, April 18, 2011. When I posted that first part of the Rubber Duck saga I was only joking … Continue reading

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Homey Was Here!

Jan Gladden Submits- He left his print on Front Beach Jan Gladden

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Naughty Harborwalk Homie

Mayor Kirk writes- Homie walked across the wet concrete!

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Rubber Duck washed up on a foreign shore today

You’re not from around here are you? (Weird looking Homies no?) But the locals are very friendly. Yes, beverage please. Rubber Duck is very sad (can’t you tell by that face) that she won’t make it back to the Sunday … Continue reading

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Only 177 Days to the BlackBurn Challenge

January 18 and how many New Year’s Resolutions have you blown off already? Did you last two weeks on your diet? Have you already bought a pack of Winstons? Now is the time baby, crunch time, when the muffin top … Continue reading

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Rubber Duck and Homie Wishing you all a Merry Christmas

Rubber Duck and Homie with their very own Lobster Trap Christmas Tree all decorated: Hey, you try decorating without opposable thumbs! Rubber Duck: “You just crack yourself up, dontcha Homie?  That’s why I stick around.”

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Rubber Duck Greasy Pole Update

“So Homie, think they’ll have it done in time?” “No problemo mi patito de goma.”

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And the answer is …

Wait, what’s the question?

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Rubber Duck and Homie Offspring

Looks like a standard Mendelian trait of incomplete dominance of the rubber gene. Proud parents: Woops, almost forgot the one ugly duckling who may grow up to be 100% Homie:

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Homie Land Security From John Wheeler

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Video- Bad Day For Homie

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Can a Brother Get a Whiting?

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How to Goose a Duck. Or this could be a “Caption This!” What is in the thought bubble over Rubber Duck’s head?

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Fond Memories

“Maybe I should have let Homie play with the kids more.”

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Sista Felicia Is Planning Our Assault On 2011 Horribles Parade Immortality with A Little Help From our Friends!

She was absolutely demolishing my wallet but thanks to the Lone Gull, GimmeSound.com and Ed Collard who have stepped up with sponsorship monies the sting is gone!  We have pledges to help build from Bro-In Law Barry, Sista Felicia, Ed … Continue reading

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Seagull Steals Video Camera

I am sure this is a viral marketing video for Go Pro, but wouldn’t it be fun to teach Homie to do this over Gloucester?

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