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Pimping Tuffy

So yesterday morning I get an email from a woman named Kaitlin Herbert.  Kaitlin works for the television production company that produces the number one show on BRAVO- “the Millionaire Matchmaker and one of the top rated shows on Animal Planet “Pit Boss”.

So her production company is looking for some fishermen for a particular type of show they are developing for the Food Network.  She told me that she found GMG after an extensive search for Gloucester Fishing vessels. I sent here a pile of links to some of the videos we’ve done featuring Tuffy, Stoga and Trapper John.

Within an hour or so I got an email back from Kaitlin asking for the contact information for Tuffy saying that he and his crew seem like a great group of guys and that they would love to hear their story.

Tuffy happened to be out fishing but when he hit the dock we taped a special message for Kaitlin which you can view below.

She wrote back last night.

What do you suppose she said? 🙂

Here are the videos I sent her which led to her interest.

Here you go-




Jock Strap Swan Dive Because He Loves Lobstering-


Greetings From The Crew of the Degelyse


Sean Gives Back To His Gay Fans


Nate Goes All Mr T On Us


The Boys Aboard The Degelyse Take Tiger’s Sloppy Seconds


Tuffy’s Tootsie Pop Hat- “How Many Licks Does It Take?”


An Unsuspecting Tuffy Prepares To Fuel Up The Degelyse

Stoga! Video