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Vats Of Herring At The State Fish Pier

Last week herring was scarce with some bait companies completely sold out.  Yesterday the Cape Seafoods boats came in loaded.  Feast or famine.  Yesterday was feast.  It was all asses and elbows as the Cape Seafood Crew earned their pay offloading a whole buttload of fish.

Beautiful Industry – Herring

The herring have been scarce so the big boats have been going all the way to George’s Bank to try to find them with no luck in the past two weeks.  That means they have been burning a ton of fuel as the herring boats are gigantic vessels.

We’ve been filling in by using pogies for lobster bait which are not nearly as much fun to handle.  They break down much faster and they produce this incredibly slick oil which gets all over the floor and everywhere making it a PITA to use.  Beggars can’t be choosers though so whatever it takes to get our lobstermen out fishing is what we will try to provide.

Beautiful Industry – Herring, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Tina Greel Fish Print Herring Mobile

Tina and her crew make these prints from real fish presses.  She is stuffing a few and will be making a herring mobile for her grandchild.  Here on is displayed in an old lobster trap.  A proper setting to display fish art!

Tina Greel Fish Prints, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Herring Boat Transvac- Giant Fish Vacuum

Here is a herring boat Transvac.  It is used to suck the herring out of the holds of the huge boats.  A vacuum is created between the fish and salt water and they get sucked out of the boat and onto the dock.  Thse transvac units are sometimes mounted on trailers and transported up and down the coast as the herring migrate up and down.  Some are mounted on the boats themselves.  Bottom line is that this fishing industry innovation has saved a ridiculous amount of work when fishermen used to have to bale the fish out using dip nets and winches and a whole lot of back work.

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