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Gloucester At Dawn- 4:54AM 4/30/12 Salvation Star, Providenza and Francesca & Carlo- Railway To Railway

This shot was taken alongside the Railway at The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center looking out across the harbor to the East Gloucester Marine Railway.

The amount of light in this shot is deceiving because the shutter was left open for a good long time to try to collect as much light as possible to burn in the colors. Obviously this type of shot with such little available light is not possible without the aid of a tripod.

Click the photo to see it larger and the details on the Adventure and boats tied up at The East Gloucester Marine Railway all the way across the harbor.  I like this shot a lot especially considering the very little light available to use.


Below is what it looked like to the human eye without the long exposure-


Maritime Gloucester Pier To Be Named For Harriet Webster

Maritime Gloucester recently began the final stage of the restoration of the main pier. This project represents the culmination of a decade-long effort to upgrade our public waterfront access to Gloucester Harbor. We could not have accomplished this extraordinary task if not for the tireless efforts of our longtime executive director, Harriet Webster.

The pier will be named for Harriet in recognition of her many contributions to Maritime Gloucester.  Maritime Gloucester will host a ceremony dedicating the pier to Harriet and recognizing her public service to Gloucester on May 20, 2012 at 2:00 in the afternoon. We hope that you will be able to join us.


The board and staff of Maritime Gloucester and Harriet’s Family

Click on slideshow to see photos taken just today.

Tiny Tugs At The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center Photos From Cliff McCarthy

Hi Joey,

I don’t know what this was all about, stumbled upon it at the GMHC this afternoon.

There was a British film crew there filming from a tow boat.


  Cliff McCarthy

Cliff, they were shooting an episode of the BBC hit show Three Men In A Boat. 

E.J. Khan Discovers The Diving Locker At The Heritage Center

E.J. Khan Writes-

While exploring the waterfront, I came across this little hidden treasure, tucked behind the Maritime Heritage Center. Long-time diver, Paul Harling (diving since 1949 – that’s 61 years!), and the exhibit of old diving equipment and objects salvaged from sunken ships, is pretty amazing and fascinating. He says he gets lots of tourist visitors during the summer, but not many locals come through. Divers or people interested in diving history should definitely check out the Diving Locker; this is also an exhibit that I think most kids would find really cool (the outfitted mannequins look eerily real and a little like some video game or old Star Trek characters), and Paul would love the company and chance to tell about all the equipment and its history. Paul also has a scrapbook with some old photos and history about the Lanesville Stagecoach and the trolley, if your interest is more in movement above the water than below it. The Diving Locker is open every day except Thursday, all year.


Seascape Festival at the Heritage Center is coming up soon: July 24-25

Hi Joey,

The Seascape Festival at the Heritage Center is coming up soon: July 24-25. I’m sending along an updated press release.  We’d appreciate any coverage you might be able to give us.




picture from the GMHC website

Heritage Center Hosts SEASCAPE

Two day festival features music, storytelling, dance and art

SEASCAPE.  The Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center is proud to present SEASCAPE on July 24th and 25th. This 2-day festival celebrates Gloucester’s relationship with the sea through music, dance, storytelling and the visual arts.  SEASCAPE is produced with grant funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Massachusetts Cultural Commission, and the McCarthy Family Foundation.  

Beginning at 10 am on Saturday, a lively schedule of workshops and concerts will explore the cultural impact of Gloucester’s distinction as the oldest seaport in America. Featured performers include David Coffin, story teller Jay O’Callahan, Sea Shanty singers The Johnson Girls, singer Ken Sweeney, and native American musician Strong Eagle Daly. The performers will conduct a series of 50-minute long concert/workshops on both Saturday and Sunday, providing the public with opportunities to learn from experienced performers.

Workshops are open to visitors of all ages, with the exception of the Saturday 11 a.m. workshop with Jay O’Callahan, which is limited to 25 participants 15 years old on up.

Throughout the day on Saturday, master batik artist Mary Edna Fraser will facilitate the making of a 3’ x 10’ community banner. Participants will draw in wax and paint with dyes on silk as they add to a banner which will serve as the backdrop for the Saturday evening concert.  Younger children will use crayons and water colors to have a similar experience while creating projects to take home. On Sunday, all participants will make small pieces to take home.   

On Saturday evening at 7 pm, all performers will gather for a three hour long concert under the Heritage Center’s tent overlooking Gloucester Harbor. They will perform both individually and together, creating a lively night filled with music and stories. Students from the Cape Ann Center for Dance will perform a piece of choreography commissioned specifically for SEASCAPE, set to an arrangement by David Coffin of a popular “fishing” lullaby.

The festival continues on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a second series of concert/workshops. There will also be a 3 p.m. concert bringing together all participating musicians in one long collaborative set.  
Children’s activities and refreshments will be available throughout both days of the festival.

All of the daytime concert/workshops are free of charge. The same goes for the Sunday finale concert. Tickets to the Saturday night concert are $15 ($7 for kids 14 and under) and are available at the Heritage Center, in advance and at the door.  

The Performers
David Coffin, who lives in East Gloucester, has performed throughout New England for the past thirty years.  While his venues include concert halls, festivals, coffeehouses, and museums; he is most often found performing one of his two school enrichment programs throughout New England. He has also performed with the Cambridge-based Revels since 1980 as a singer, instrumentalist and, since 1991, as Master of Ceremonies.
At the heart of David’s work is traditional and contemporary folk music, including an extensive collection of songs from the Maritime tradition. Widely know for his rich baritone voice, his impressive collection of musical instruments includes concertinas, recorders, penny-whistles, bombards (loud Breton double reeds), gemshorns, cornamuse, shawms, and rauschphieffes.
Jay O’Callahan is one of the world’s best-known storytellers. He has performed at Lincoln Center, at the Abbey Theatre in Dublin and other theatres around the world, at the Olympics, and with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. His work appears regularly on National Public Radio. In addition to creating and performing stories, he leads workshops on storytelling and writing.
Jay was commissioned by NASA to create a story in celebration of the agency’s 50th anniversary in 2008. The National Association of Independent Record Distributors and Manufacturers awarded first prize to the High Windy recording of his story, “The Boy Who Loved Frogs.”
The Johnson Girls is an energetic all-woman mostly a cappella group performing folk music with an emphasis on songs of the sea and shore.  Each member (Joy Bennet, Alison Kelley, Bonnie Milner, and Deirdra Murtha) of the group brings a specialty and style to the ensemble.  The Johnson Girls’ extensive repertoire of both traditional and contemporary music includes songs with an Afro-Caribbean influence, of the inland waterways, of fishing, mining, Irish, Anglo-American, Italian and French Canadian ballads and work songs, and much more.  With a sound that has been called “exciting”, “haunting”, “uplifting”, and “full of harmony”, the Johnson Girls give “hair-raising” performances of powerhouse chanteys, tender ballads and just plain fun songs, bringing audiences to their feet wherever they go.
Ken Sweeney performs mountain ballads, old time songs and sea music. A top notch player of the clawhammer banjo, English concertina, and harmonica, he also makes music playing spoons. He is a former member of the infamous Mystic Seaport Chanteymen.
Strong Eagle Daly, of the Nipmuc nation, handcrafts the flutes he plays. Each of Daly’s flutes contain a hand carved animal which faces the performer. He says that “in addition to the animals, the spirit of tree resonates through the flute as I breathe new life through it and give it a new voice.” Through Daly’s observation of different flute players and their varying techniques, he has created his own improvisational style and voice. He fills empty space with the haunting and inspirational sounds that come from the various woods and octaves of his flute.
Mary Edna Fraser is an internationally known textile artist who collaborates with scientists from a variety of disciplines to illustrate the changing environment. She researches her landscapes by hiking the terrain, exploring the waterways by boat, and by taking aerial photos from the open cockpit of her grandfather’s 1946 Ercoupe plane. She also uses satellite images and maps to plan her expansive compositions, which take the form of huge batiks. In 1994, she was the first woman to be honored with a one person textile exhibition at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.  
Mary Edna’s work has been included in exhibits at many museums and organizations including the National Academy of Sciences, the New England Aquarium, Mystic Seaport , North Carolina Maritime Museum, and the Duke University Museum of Art.


2009 Schedule of Events – Dory Races


2009 Schedule of Events

March 6th Winter Races 6:00 pm St. Peters Club
April 18th Dory Prep Day 8:00 am Eastern Ave
April 25th Dory Launch Day 8:00 am “ “
May 2 & 3 Adventure Open House Cruiseport Terminal
May 9th Essex River Race 9:00 am Essex
June 5th Elimination Registration 6:00 pm St. Peters Square
June 6th Elimination Races 8:30 am Niles Beach
June 8th Final Elimination (if needed) 6:00 pm Niles Beach
June 18th International Reception 6:00 pm St. Peters Club
June 20th International Races 8:30 a.m. State Fish Pier
June 20th Awards Banquet 1:00 pm Heritage Center
July 18th Blackburn Challenge 7:30 am Annisquam River
August 8th Oarmasters Challenge—Solo Race
August ?? Eliminations
September 22nd International Races — Lunenberg NS

For more information- check here.

Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center Wharf Shack 4:55AM 7/25/08

I spent a little time on the docks yesterday morning getting what I thought at the time some great shots of the rowing gigs they have on their floats. As it turns out with the wave action of the boats going by the pics that I got on the floats didn’t come out as good as I thought. Another morning when it’s slow on the  water perhaps.  That way the long exposures in the dark won’t come out as blurry.  There were some decent ones in the parking lot though.