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Jon Butcher on The Noise Cover & TV This week – here’s a preview video

I’m guessing nearly every music lover in Gloucester is as thrilled about Jon Butcher’s decision to move here as they are about T-Max’s doing the same a couple of years ago.  This week Gloucester celebrates Jon’s choice in two big ways: Jon’s on the cover of the February Noise Magazine, which should hit the streets tomorrow.  And he’s also Allen Estes’ guest on Local Music Seen, which you can see tomorrow at 6:30 on Cape Ann TV Channel 12.  Here’s one of Jon’s songs from the show.  Love his version of the blues!

BTW: You can see Allen tonight at Jalapenos 7pm with Brown, Mattacks & Ginandes (early enough the bring the kids).  And if Jon is in the audience, it’s a good bet that Allen will ask him to sit in.  Then check out Steve Caraway at Dog Bar and finish up with Henley Douglas Jr. at Rhumb Line.  Not bad for a Tuesday night in the middle of winter!  See full live music schedule here.

It may be the dead of winter, but it’s not dead in Gloucester

A mighty fine week of live music is shaping up beginning with Allen Estes in Dan King’s seat with Brown, Mattacks & Ginandes at Jalapenos 7pm, followed by Steve Caraway’s open mic at Dog Bar at 9 and Henley Douglas at Rhumb Line at the same time.  You can get to all three excellent shows if you play your cards right.

Tomorrow, live music begins at 7 as well.  It’s nice to have live music that isn’t too late for kids.  And it’s good to get kids out to appreciate live music at a young age.

As the week progresses it becomes harder to get to every show, so you’re gonna have to choose.  See the live music lineup here and start thinking about the weekend.

In the meantime check out this video of Steve Caraway — oohh, don’t you love the sound of that twelve-string!