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Bait, beer and…yoga?

Heather Fraelick reports-

That’s right. Parker Street isn’t just for fishermen anymore. Treetop Yoga Studio has moved to 7 Parker Street, upstairs from our friends at CrossFit Cape Ann. The newly renovated studio is a cool 1200 square feet of practice space, environmentally friendly cork flooring, an expanded retail shop, and plenty of parking. Not just for experienced yogis, Treetop Yoga offers 27 yoga classes each week, plus workshops – something for everyone.

This weekend, July 30th and 31st, Treetop Yoga is breaking in their new location with a celebration that includes:

  • Free classes all weekend!

  • Sunday, July 31, 5:30-6:45pm A Benefit Concert Class for Pathways for Children, with live music.

  • Sunday, July 31, 7:00 p.m. Grand Opening Summer Soiree with raffles, light fare and a grand prize of unlimited yoga for one month ($150 Value.)

The yoga is FREE this weekend – if you’re new to yoga or have never been to Treetop’s studio, now is a great time to visit their new location!

"Like" them on Facebook too for regular studio news and information: https://www.facebook.com/treetopyoga

Treetop co-owner and teacher, Katy O’Brien, get acclimated to the new location with a few students before class.



Joey’s Cape Ann Media Moguls Meeting at Pleasant Street Tea Co. – Video

Meet the Media Exchanging ideas to serve the community.

Last week I had an idea to try to get a bunch of my media buddies together for an impromptu coffee meet up at Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Company. Those of you who have been following the blog closely may have noticed many posts coming from the space at Pleasant Street. This is not a slight to Gloucester’s other coffee shops like Lone Gull and Cape Ann Coffee which I love and feel play a huge role in the fabric of a community. Pleasant Street happens to have that nice back room which is conducive to meetings and taping interviews so that’s where I’ve been because the dock is just too crazy this time of year to try to tape any segments.

Anyway what I thought would end up as a meeting between four or five of us turned into something much bigger as 90% of my media rolodex showed up.
The idea behind the meet-up was to introduce many people that may have only contacted each other through emails or telephone for a meeting where everyone could share ideas and explore opportunities to help each other and themselves. With the planning and help of Johhny McElhenny and Heather Fraelick we held what I believe to be the first of it’s kind cross media meeting between such a diverse group of Cape Media moguls.

We had the newspaper Editors from The Gloucester Times and Cape Ann Beacon Ray Lamont and Jane Enos. We had Cape Ann TV’s new executive director Donna Gacek. We had international TV producing media giants Gianni and Terry Gallo along with Joe Langhan. Peter Van Ness- Producer and local web genius. Andrea Holbrook- Night editor at The Times. Terry Weber- freelance writer who will soon be releasing her adventure blog to the world. Local PR gurus Heather Fraelick, John McElhenny and Kate Moran. Hybrid Advertising executive Jon Cahill from Bait and Tackle. Local bloggers and writers Heather Atwood, Billy O’Connor and Laura Ciampa, Manny Simoes and your boy Joey of course.

I know I made several connections and came away with some exciting cross promotional opportunities that we will be pursuing to make GMG even better and I’m sure there were other connections that were made in that room.
We are planning to meet monthly but the next one will be at Cape Ann Brewing and in the evening so we can spend more time and have more space.

Here’s a video that Manny put together-

Heather Fraelick Produces the Goods


Some people talk the talk but never follow through and produce.

Heather Fraelick is not one of those people.  During the great pie debate of November 14th  2010 over what constitutes a pie and whether rhubarb (a root) belongs in a pie, Heather offered to show me that she has what it takes to make the ultimate whoopie pie.

Note the packaging above.  Nice touch don’t you think?

The Ultimate Whoopie Pie as presented by Mrs Heather Fraelick-


GMG Pie Poll

Yesterday was a pie revelation to me.  I find out that Heather Fraelick makes pies out of roots.  Rhubarb is a root, right?


Rhubarb- A root, right?

And I discovered the key to making a pecan pie just the right sweetness at Author Jane Ward’s Food and Fiction Blog check here for her recipe

Author Jane Ward's Pecan Pie

It’s all about the pies baby!

These two FOBs (friends of the blog) have inspired the first annual Pie Poll.

*especially relevant around the holidays don’t you think?

Vote for your favorite type of pie-

Feel free to add in a pie that I may have missed on our poll and comment in the comment section of this post as to who makes or where you get your favorite pies.