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Doug Niedermiller HDR Cape Ann Photography Album

Doug Niedermiller put together an incredible collection of Cape Ann HDR Photography from last fall.

Click The Picture To See His Slide Show

Doug Niedermiller HDR Cape Ann Photography Album, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Foliage HDR


IMG_6452_tonemappedI had to go to Chester, NH yesterday for a gig at a private party. I grabbed my camera for the ride up but did not have much time to shoot. I shot these photos in RAW format and converted to HDR (High Dynamic Range). This was kind of a quick way as HDR is better with multiple exposures.

Wingersheek Beach Boardwalk

 This photograph was taken at Wingersheek Beach. I used a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. It takes 3 photos that have 3 different exposures and combines them into one HDR photograph.


Hello All, My name is Michael Lindberg and I am from Gloucester. I have been asked by Joey to be a regular contributer to GMG. I am very exited to be participating in such a great blog. I enjoy photography, videography, graphic arts, music, fishing and boating. I have traveled around the world for the past 30 years and there is nothing more I like than returning home to what I feel is the best place on earth. I hope you all will comment on my posts and let me know what you think.