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I Knew There Was a Reason I Liked Haute Affaire!

Who doesn’t want to save the Ta-Tas?

I’m all about doing whatever it takes to save the Ta-Tas and I think you should be too.


Now available at Haute Affaire- the Magnolia Consignment Shop

15 Lexington Ave, #3 

Gloucester, MA, 01930

Mon – Sat:
10:00 am – 7:00 pm
11:00 am – 4:00 pm

Lots Of Energy Here On Lexington Ave In the Heart of Beautiful Magnolia

15 Lexington Ave Magnolia MA

Chickity Check Out The Website For More-


It’s nice to see young entrepreneurial spirit alive!

Worry Dolls

While At Haute Affaire taping the other day I ran across these worry dolls. Now the readers who really pay attention may have picked up from past writings about how different my two girls are.

Here I’m gonna go a little off subject but bear with me-

Growing up I was a firm believer in that people were 100% products of their environment.  That what a person was exposed to – caring, loving, smart parents would rub off on a child and form the way they would be as they got older.  After my sister Felicia had twins who were raised exactly the same way and are completely different emotional beings and then once we had our two girls and they are completely different beings emotionally I know that there’s a whole lot more to what makes up a person’s persona than what they are exposed to.

Gay people- I’m convinced are born gay and aggressive or passive personalities are for the most part born with a genetic predisposition to their behavior as well.


And now to how I’ll be connecting The Worry Dolls from Haute Affaire to the previous tangent-

The Bean is the oldest of my two little girls and she like myself and my mom are creative people but we also are extremely neurotic worriers.  The second child, Snoop Maddie Mad doesn’t let much bother her.  She acts first and is headstrong without fear- completely the opposite of The Bean.

They have these little worry dolls which are sold in boxes of four. On the sheet of paper that come with the worry dolls it reads-“According to legend,Guatemalan children tell one worry to each doll before bed and then place them underneath their pillow. the dolls take over the worrying so the children sleep peacefully through the night. When the child awakes, the worry dolls take all their worries away.”

So I bought a box of worry dolls for each child and told them the story before they went to bed.

Eloise (The Bean) told her doll that she was worried about monsters.  Madeline (Snoop Maddie Mad) told her doll she was worried about being alone in the dark.  They both placed their dolls under their pillows and slept soundly.

Haute Affaire

New boutique/consignment shop on Lexington Ave. in Magnolia. Haute Affaire has been open since April. They have items in all price ranges from $1 t-shirts to designer dresses and jeans. They also carry Jeans from Boston Jean Company and have their own line of resort wear.

Coming soon, they will start to offer designer handbag rentals. Now you can test drive them without shelling out hundreds of dollars!

They have great hours too:
Mon-Sat 10am-7pm
Sun 11am-4pm