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Adventure Hauled At The East Gloucester Marine Railways

Mary Barker Writes-

Hi Joey,

The Adventure got hauled out on the Marine Railway on Monday, 1.14.13, so
some planks could be replaced.  I was invited aboard, as the Adventure’s
photographer, to get a unique perspective on the process.  This is my very
naïve, non-technical explanation of the process. The guys on the docks and
on the Adventure first had to move the Adventure from her berth over to the
railway.  This was done mainly by manpower using brute strength, ropes and
tide assist.  Donny King did add a bit of motor support with the Scotia Girl
in the beginning.  Once the Adventure got around the end of the pier and
was moved into place along the Railway cradle (with direction by the Railway
coordinator), the guys cranked up the cradle supports to secure the
Adventure.  The scuba diver then went down to check that everything was set
up properly with the supports.  Once he gave the okay, the Railway
coordinator signaled the engine house to start up the engines which drive
the chain winch, which took the Adventure on a forward and upward
trajectory.  Although I’ve seen this done before from just outside the
engine house, it was so powerful seeing it all up close (literally hanging
over the edge of the vessel at times).  I never cease to be inspired by and
in awe of these guys and what they do.  These folks have always taken the
time to welcome me and to educate me.  My hats are off to everyone at the
Marine Railway and the Adventure.  Here are a few photos.
Mary Barker