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Spirit of Massachusetts and the Harvey Gamage by Kathy Chapman

While on route from the Canadian Maritimes to the Caribbean Sea, these two schooners sail into Gloucester every September for fresh paint and to refit.

They are part of the educational organization Ocean Classroom Foundation which provides programs of sea education and adventure for the youth of America.

Captain Caroline Smith is pictured near the end of the slide show. She is the youngest captain of the schooner fleet. Congrats to her on a great accomplishment!

Kathy Chapman


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Video- Captain Caroline Smith Aboard Schooner Harvey Gamage As It Is Hauled Out At Roses Marine, Gloucester MA

From The Ocean’s Classroom Website

Captain Caroline Smith

Caroline sailed on her first tall ship, Alexandria, while in college at William and Mary and since graduating has spent sea time aboard Tole Mour, Pride of Baltimore II, Victory Chimes, Black Pearl and Corwith Cramer.  Caroline became a full time captain with Ocean Classroom in 2005 after spending two years building the schooner Virginia.  Caroline grew up in a fishing village on the Chesapeake Bay and when not sailing lives in Virignia.



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In 1973, the shipyard of Harvey F. Gamage, located on the banks of the Damariscotta River in South Bristol, Maine, sent a brand new schooner down the ways to the sea. Her name wasHarvey Gamage. Her lines were reminiscent of the coasting schooners, but her mission was very different.

For twenty years Harvey Gamage was owned and operated by Captain Eben Whitcomb. She sailed the waters of the Northwest Atlantic and Caribbean Sea with high school and college students, adventurers, naturalists, and many vacationers. Some of the longest running and most successful sail training programs in the U.S. originated in Gamage. It would be hard to count the number of people who have been introduced to a life at sea while aboard her. Many of those sailors have gone on to careers in marine fields and/or have become professional mariners.

In December of 1993, Harvey Gamage was purchased by a non-profit educational organization in Bath, Maine that evolved into the Ocean Classroom Foundation (OCF) of today. Harvey Gamage is now devoted exclusively to sea education programming, while still following her traditional route between New England and the Caribbean.

The Schooners are coming!….are here, some are.

Gloucester is getting ready for the 2010 Schooner Festival.

The Schooners Harvey Gamage and The Westward arrived tonight

 at the State Fish Pier.

at rest

With their Dingys hangin' about

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