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Harvest Fest at the Sargent House November 23rd

hflogocolor_copy_web.1Celebrate at the Sargent House

Saturday Nov. 23 from 10A-4P 10AM-12 Noon

Tour the Museum and see John Singer Sargent watercolors!

12 Noon

Meet the new Mrs. and be dazzled by the rich colors of Copley’s portrait of Judith Sargent Stevens as a new giclée print is unveiled.

12:30 PM

Hear about Judith Sargent Murray’s take on the American Revolution ranging from her aspirations for the New Republic to gossip about her neighbors.


Learn about Gloucester women during wartime from Mary Rhinelander McCarl as she describes “The Girl I Left Behind.”  RSVP at office@sargenthouse.org


Annual Meeting of Members   

All Day

Enjoy seasonal foods and cider with old friends and new during open hours.

Admission For All Events 

Members FREE – join that day (or in advance online) and enjoy free admission to the day’s events

Adults (over 12): $10

Families or groups of up to 6 people: $20

For more information please go to our website, www.sargenthouse.org.

Heather Atwood Covers Rockport’s Harvest Fest


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The HarvestFest to Remember

Written by Heather Atwood on October 20th, 2010


This post is a bow to all the brave people who pulled out their long underwear and parkas to make food, beer, music – and to just be there -  at Rockport’s HarvestFest last weekend.  It’s also for those of you right now saying, “wow, this is cool,” and promise to come next year.

Stroll through my thoughts and pictures, but make sure you get to the bottom where you’ll see a cold but happy bunch of bloggers from the North Shore Blogger Consortium, all of whom came out to discuss what blogging’s about – or not – to a packed audience.

Ok, that’s a lie.  We mostly talked to each other, but we were a receptive audience, and learned a lot.  Next year, the house will be packed.

click here for the rest of her post (with pics)