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Paula Karahalis Band Harbor Loop Concert Captured By Hartson Media

Sam Hartson Sends In This Clip From Last Night-

Great Work Sam!

You can check out Sam’s website- http://www.hartsonmedia.com/

Paula Karahalis Band website is- http://www.myspace.com/paulakband

Looking forward to more of Sam’s Fiesta Documentary Coming Soon!

Sam Hartson Reveals St Peter’s Fiesta Trailer II

Sam Writes-

Hey Joe,

Just starting to about to begin edits on the first cut, I thought I would take a quick break and cut together a trailer. Did it quick, played with the title at the end, some color grading, AND posted it in 1080i… very cool, haha.

Anyway, now that everything is uploaded, I’ll have a lot of bits and clips coming up that I can play with and send over to you that you can post

I’m working on getting Sam a ginormous screening of the finished movie once it’s finished.

Sam and his crew are going to be huge one day, mark my words.  His main on air reporter Seth is smart years beyond his age.  Looking forward to more from the boys!

Chickity Check It- Hartson Media Get’s Started On Fiesta Documentary

Hartson Media Photo- Manny Simoes

Sam Hartson Writes on His Website – http://www.hartsonmedia.com/

A very successful weekend was had by all at St. Peter’s Fiesta this past weekend, though production has not wrapped for the crew of the documentary. Several more interviews with city officials are scheduled over the next week or so with the 2nd unit team up in Gloucester.

We would like to thank Seaside Graphics in Gloucester for their contribution of the business cards. www.seasidegraphics.com

Also, we would like to thank Joey and the gang at www.goodmorninggloucester.com for talking to us and helping us out.

And finally (for now), Glen Asaro, for housing us for 6 crazy days.

Check back here for updates, clips, and trailers from the film within the next few weeks as we get footage logged and captured onto our editing equipment and as we wrap up production in Gloucester.

You can also check out exclusive clips that we will be sending to Good Morning Gloucester at goodmorninggloucester.com in a couple weeks.

Bookmark us now, you’ll be happy you did.

Below: Interview with GoodMorningGloucester.com –

Well the boys have their first trailer done and Sam emailed the link last night-

Hey Joey,

This is a link to a teaser I threw together this morning with footage from one of our FlipVideo cameras.

Should be pouring out clips and snippets soon.

Thanks, Sam