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Exquisite Virginia Lee Burton art exhibition @GalleryA4 Takenaka Corporation Foundation in Tokyo Japan | loans from Cape Ann Museum and Sawyer Free Library

Watch this beautiful video tour to see a world class exhibition design in Tokyo for Virginia Lee Burton worthy of her legacy. The creative and smart installation looks stunning! The temporary summer show will be up through August. Gallery A4 is a public foundation established by Takenaka Corporation. Photos from Gallery A4 web site. 

There’s also an exhibition featuring the Art of Eric Carle up through July at the Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. 

Gallery A4 Tokyo exhibit Virginia Lee Burton

a ‘must-see’ video of the installation

A4 japan exhibition vlb

Virginia Lee Burton in Gloucester

video caption: Virginia Lee Burton, children’s book author/illustrator, Folly Cove textile designer and founder, resided and worked in Gloucester, MA, where she created some of America’s most popular children’s books. She received the Caldecott medal in 1943 for The Little House. Other books include Katy and the Big Snow and Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Excerpts from her Caldecott speech. Music: The Little House, 1926, by Carrie Jacobs-Bond. 

Virginia Lee Burton display at Cape Ann Museum 2011.

Virginia Lee Burton display at CAM 2011

Gloucester Tourist – Couple from Germany

This couple from Germany are enjoying Gloucester and Cape Ann, they loved the Atlantis on the backshore, where they stayed. They also enjoyed walking the breakwater, and were on their Harbor Walk.


Free Outdoor Movies @ I4-C2 start on Wednesday – Tune in to Northshore 104.9 tomorrow at 9AM to hear all about it!

Gloucester Community Development Director Tom Daniel and his senior planner Matt Coogan will be Aurelia Nelson’s guests tomorrow morning at 9am on her 104.9 radio show “Curtain Up” where you can get all the skinny on the Harbor Walk Summer Cinema Series that starts on Wednesday.

Harbor Walk ART ROCK Found!

From Leslie Heffron;

“Hi Paul – 

It’s our lucky day- finally my golden retriever and I found your rock!! I love the rock!!! I’m so excited to have a little piece of Gloucester over here in Pigeon Cove. Mango’s still talking about it!”

"Mango" Sniffed out the rock in record time!

“Mango” Sniffed out the rock in record time!

Art Rock Location

Art Rock Location

Grade Six Harbor Walk Field Trip

Christine Leveille submits-

On October 3rd and 5th the sixth graders from O’Maley Innovation School explored the Gloucester Harbor Walk.  Using our essential question  "HOW IS CHANGE OVER TIME OBSERVED AND MEASURED’ to guide our discussion and exploration,  students completed a scavenger hunt at each of 36 posts found throughout Harbor walk.  We documented our exploration through writing, video and photos.  Students will use the knowledge gained through this experience throughout the year in our project based learning curriculum.  

Baccala recipes from Sefatia Romeo and Mark McDonough at yesterday’s Harbor Walk Ribbon Cutting

Right after the ribbon cutting and before Mayor Kirk led us on the walk, I had a chance to try the salt cod, a.k.a. baccala, get a preview of the dish that is available at Latitude 43 (while supplies last) and a lesson on how to prepare baccala from Sefatia.  Enjoy!

If you listen carefully you can hear Bob Ryan (of CATA) in the background while Sefatia is talking — explaining the origin of the word “Stage” in “Stage Fort Park”.  Leave us a comment if you know why it’s called “Stage Fort Park”.

In the video, Sefatia references a cooking show she taped with Sista Felicia.  See that show in the three videos below

Quick change to Friday’s Harbor Walk Schedule – Fiesta Screening Postponed

Screening of uncut Fiesta! film footage postponed.  It will be re-scheduled in a couple of weeks and we’ll promote the new date when we know it!

See revised Friday 8/10 Harbor Walk Schedule below.

Noon: Walk the Walk with Mayor Kirk – Literature and Art Theme.  Meet at St. Peter’s Square.  Fish cakes on the wharf, courtesy Cape Ann Brewery

1:30 p.m. Food writer, Heather Atwood, discusses local cuisine and traditions On the Sargent House lawn

1:45 p.m. Reception, Fred Bodin Historic Photos (Fred discusses his work on historic photos and maritime art and crafts

Step Out into Gloucester:
10 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Beauport House, guided tours on the hour.

10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Maritime Gloucester – Exhibits in the Gorton Gallery, Dive Locker, Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary and on the Wharf

1:00 – 4:00 p.m. Sargent House Open House

2:30 p.m. Sawyer Free Library: guided discussion of historical murals not generally available to visitors

3:30 p.m. Maritime Gloucester: Tour of Harriet Webster Wharf and vessels

4:00 p.m. Narrated tour to Marine Railways and Smith Cove/Rocky Neck
Artist Colony on the Water Shuttle

6 -8:00 p.m. Harbor Tour to benefit Schooner Adventure

6 -8:00 p.m. Sunset Cruise on the Thomas E. Lannon

Whale Watch and Fishing Charter options and more here.

Dining and Evening music venues and more here.

Download the complete Harbor Walk Weekend schedule here.

Bruce Tarr reveals the secret of successful ribbon cutting

I just got back from the Harbor Walk ribbon Cutting and inaugural walk led by Mayor Kirk with lots of great video.  Here’s a little gem in which Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr reveals the secret of successful ribbon cutting to the crowd on hand.  Lt. Gov. Tim Murray at center and Mayor Carolyn Kirk with the big scissors.

More Harbor Walk video in the days to come  . . .

What’s really going on with this Harbor Walk anyhow?

Honoring our past while embracing our future — through stories.  Most of us think we know the past.  Old stories.  History classes.  But if we really want to honor our past, we must feel it, not just memorize it.

The Harbor Walk helps us feel by getting us to participate in the experience of bringing the past to life using bleeding-edge technology.  Watch this “Walking Cinema” video (designed to be played on your smart-phone while you walk) for just one example of why today’s Times Editorial says, “Through the new HarborWalk, the city has taken story-telling to an entirely new level …”

Ann Marie, of the Bandit Kings  (certainly part of Gloucester’s promising future) literally walks us into the past through old postcards woven with imaginative narration over current video of Gloucester Harbor so we can feel Howard Blackburn’s journey.

Why should we honor the past?  There are more reasons than you’d want to read in this post, so I’ll keep it to one:  It’s us.  It’s where we’ve come from.  The past touches the core of our being.  Honoring the past honors ourselves, which is necessarily the first step in helping anyone else, or trying to make the world a better place.

Why should we embrace the future?  (You can see this coming, right?)  It’s where we’re going — whether we like it or not.  It’s our destiny.

The Harbor Walk doesn’t just embrace the future with new technologies and gadgets.  It also does it through native flower gardens that bloom spectacularly — right now, this fall, next year and every year; and through state-of-the-art recycled materials and lighting mixed with ancient granite posts.

Most of all, the Harbor Walk embraces our future by bringing people to the waterfront — Old, young and yet to be born.  People will feel our past through these stories that fill us with the essence of Gloucester so each one of us can embrace our future grounded in our Gloucesterness and prepared for what ever comes our way.

You can experience the Harbor Walk starting tomorrow at 1pm with the ribbon cutting.  And you can continue the experience all weekend long.  See tomorrow’s Harbor Walk schedule here — and you can download the  full weekend Harbor Walk schedule here.

These schedules highlight a few official Harbor Walk activities, plus dozens of others (under the heading Step Out into Gloucester) that were going on anyhow and are proof that  Gloucester’s rich cultural heritage is alive today and will be carried into the future.

You can  help that process along by participating.  See you there .  . .

This Just In: Official Harbor Walk Weekend Schedule

We just got the official schedule for the Harbor Walk Weekend that begins with the Ribbon Cutting this Thursday, August 9.  Download the complete schedule here.

Thursday’s schedule is below:

Harbor Walk Weekend 2012: Step Out and Experience Gloucester!

Thursday, August 9: The Inaugural Walk

1:00 p.m. Ribbon-cutting, St Peter’s Square with Mayor Carolyn Kirk,
Lt. Governor Tim Murray, State Senator Bruce Tarr, State
Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante and other invited guests

In Cod We Trust: Sample salt cod on the wharf, a staple of the early
Gloucester fishing industry. Provided courtesy of Latitude 43.

Mayor Kirk leads Inaugural Walk

3:30 p.m. Pre-screening of uncut Fiesta! film footage at St. Peter’s Club

Step Out into Gloucester:
10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Maritime Gloucester – Exhibits in the Gorton Gallery, Dive
Locker, Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary and
on the Wharf

3:00 -6:30 p.m. Farmers’ Market, Stage Fort Park

3:30 -5:30 p.m. Sail on the Pinky Schooner Ardelle

4:00 -8:00 p.m. Open House, Endicott College, 33 Commercial Street

4:30 p.m. Maritime Gloucester: Tour of Harriet Webster Wharf and vessels

5:00 p.m. Narrated tour to Marine Railways and Smith Cove/Rocky Neck Artist Colony on the Water Shuttle Leaves from Solomon Jacobs Pier

6:00- 9:00 p.m. Harbor Loop Concert featuring Mile 21 and The Runaround
Allen Estes opens with song in honor of the HarborWalk

10 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Beauport, guided tours on the hour.

Whale Watch and Fishing Charter options and more here.
Dining and Evening music venues and more here.

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