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Ron Gilson- “The Waterfront: Then and Now (but this is NOW)”

Must read from Ron Gilson-Click the text to read the entire post-

The Waterfront: Then and Now (but this is NOW)

Gloucester’s future is in our harbor. In my youth our harbor was our lifeblood. If this city is to survive economically without a substantial fishing industry, our harbor planners must accept the reality of change. Before we take off willy nilly, we should examine the past: what went on in our harbor since 1950, the pivotal year and highest period of our harbor’s fishing production. Before we can decide on any new harbor strategy, the planners must review where we’ve been.
Last week I spent time with Ron Gilson at his house and got three more interviews with him.  The first will be posted in video form Monday morning at 8:00AM.  I haven’t heard another person speak such perfect sense about Gloucester Harbor’s past, present and future than this man.


Excuse this little rant but I need to get it out.

I’m a little stressed out with all this harbor planning stuff and listening to idiots that have no vested interest in the harbor tell us what we should do with our property gets really old after a while. Especially when the so called “waterfront experts” haven’t worked on the waterfront but love to tell us whats wrong with “us”.

My specific problem this morning however came after reading a letter in the Times from one of these ‘waterfront experts” so I was already in a pissy mood.

You see no matter how hurried I am when driving I always acknowledge someone that lets me pull out in front of them in traffic. I always without exception give a head nod or wave to someone that lets me cross the street when they stop to let me by and I always trot across the street so not to hold that person up.

Where did these people come from that when you stop for them to cross they slowly traipse on across the street without so much as a simple wave? Is it that freaking hard to do? Does it require too much effort for that simple courtesy? FFS people get some f@%ing manners would you? The world would be a better place.

Mark Ring brought by a pamphlet for some place that will help you avoid getting a stroke and handed it to me. He keeps telling me he is worried beccause he thinks I’m taking the harbor planning stuff too personally. How could I not?

Community Harbor Meetings

Community Harbor Meetings, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

There are three more chances for you to voice your opinion on the future of Gloucester.

June 5th at The Lanesville Community Center
June 9th at the Annisquam Villiage Hall
June 10th at Magnolia Library

Bring your ideas and please let the fantastic panel of listening post folks know that you would like positive change on Gloucester Harbor. I would only ask that you think about the property owners ability to finance and fix up their property with new options that make financial sense. Also please understand that The waterfront property owners put together a plan to provide additional dockage space for commercial fishermen above and beyond what exists for fishermen all the while maintaining what they have for space currently. The only way to get these properties back in good working order is by giving the property owners options for the upland portions of their property that will allow them to pay and continue to tie commercial fishermen at their docks.

I don’t want to preach but if you feel strongly about the future of Gloucester and don’t go to voice your opinion you have no right to bitch if nothing happens.