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Well Lookey Here At What Lily Linqs Made Me! You Rock Lily!

If your company doesn’t have one of Lily’s unique and expressive authentic hand painted lobster buoy then shame on you!

Lily produces these works of art herself and there isn’t anything more expressive of local flavor than a lobster buoy painted with your logo now is there?

Check out her website www.gloucestergoods.com and order up yours like right now.

What, you’re still reading?  You mean to tell me you didn’t click on the www.gloucestergoods.com link and get to ordering your very own personalized buoy? That is totally unacceptable!! 

Thank you Lily!

Also follow her on twitter.  She’s badass.  Well badass in a pixie ingénue kinda way.  If that makes sense.  Probably not, but whatever- @lilylinqs