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Motif Monday: Gloucester Crossing

It’s not common to integrate a bridge into New England homes. From where I was standing, a few of the intriguing thresholds in Gloucester and Rockport that announce their entry. Whether simple or ornate, necessary or whimsical, or both –who doesn’t like a journey and a bit of suspension? I enjoy thinking about themes of transition, space and connections.










Local bridges and architecture in two drawings by Edward Hopper

blynman bridge 1923-24

landscape with bridge watercolor whitney


Hammond Castle

On Tuesday morning I was invited to take a tour of Hammond Castle, first I would like to thank Orianna and John for taking me around. If you have never been there, you are missing an amazing place with so much history. For more information on The Hammond Castle please go to http://www.hammondcastle.org.

An upcoming fun event at the Castle will be The Medieval Fair, July 18 and 19th from 11:00 – to 5:00 pm. During the summer Hammond Castle will have candle light tours in July and August starting at 6:30, 7:30 and 8:15. The dates are July 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th and August, 13th and 20th.

GloucesterCast 109- With A Full House Of GMG Characters Taped 12/21/14


GloucesterCast 109- With A Full House Of GMG Characters Taped 12/21/14

Topics Include: 9 GMG Peeps In The House- Peter Lovasco, Mrs Grumpypants Kim Smith, Alicia DeWolfe, Premenstrual Donna Arizzoni, Fresh Off The Stripper Pole Melissa Cox, Bill Cox, Frank Ciolino and Mr Effervescent Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro. The GMG Holiday Party Recap, Taking a Cab, Thanks To Kathleen Erikson and Matt Beach for The Prosecco and Meat Plate, Kay Ellis Cucumber, Toby’s Chowder, Felicia’s Incredible Treats, Thanks To Fred Bodin, Re-carpeting Fred Bodin’s Back Room, The Winner of Sista Felicia’s Cookbook from Week 5 Subscriber contest Katherine Donlon, Week Six Gloucestercast Podcast New Subscriber Contest Prize Donated By Donna Ardizzoni is A Cape Pond Ice Coffee Mug Subscribe Here For a Chance To Win, The Rocky Neck Polar Plunge, Bring Dry Good Food For Donations To Be Collected At The Polar Plunge for Open Door, Peter Lovasco and Donna Ardizzoni and Melissa Cox all Pinky Swear During the Podcast To Do The Rocky Neck Polar Plunge, Christmas Eve Forecast From GMG Weatherman Pete, Downtown Gloucester Looked Like A Scene Out Of A Dickens Novel Saturday Morning, Gloucester’s DES Club, Fosters From Gloucester Now A Shell Station Which Means You Can Now Use Your Stop and Shop Card To Get HUGE Savings on Gas, Do Locals Go To Beauport The Sleeper-McCann House?, Cape Ann Museum Free To Gloucester Residents All Month Long in January, Hammond Castle, Pete Wonders About Beach Restoration At Good Harbor Beach, Harvesting Salt Hay and WPA Salt Water Marsh Depression Project, Wrapping Christmas Presents- That First Package vs That Last Package, Pinoli VIP Night and Review- Joey and Kim Disagree On The Pinoli Renovation, Melissa Cox Is Moving, Burnham’s Field Is A Total Destination Now, Relay For Life At Burnham’s Field This Year, Weatherman Pete- Oblivious To All Things GMG Except Weatherman Pete Stuff, Joey C, frank Ciolino and Donna Ardizzoni In the Relay For Life Dunk Tank, Fort Square Cafe, Georges Coffee Shop, Two Sisters Hash, Pinoli Open For Brunch Starting In January, Foreign Affairs Of Joey C’s Top 5 Restaurants North Of Boston, Blue Ox, Lone Gull, The Brewery, Rusty Shatford, Windward Grille, Azorean Steak Tips and Affordable Martinis, Breaking Nonnis Restauarant News- Top Secret and Joey C Wish For Willow Rest II, Kick You In The Cajones Cafe El Aguila Coffee from Toby, Glosta Joes Coffee Still Available At Paulines Gift Shop,  Alicia DeWolfe, Myron Lepine, and Laurie Lufkin In Cape Ann Magazine For Cooking Competitions, Thankful For Friendships, Donna Plugs Cape Pond Ice

podcasticon1GMG Podcast #109 Joey, Toby, Pete, Frank, Melissa, Bill. Alicia, Donna _Kim Smith 2014 Joey, Donna, Frank _Kim Smith 2014Donna Ardizzoni Donated A Cape Pond Ice Mug for  This Week’s New GloucesterCast Subscriber Contest.  One Of The First Ten New Subscribers Will Win the Mug to Be picked Up Here At The Dock. Subscribe Here For a Chance To Win

Public Art: Two more Justin Desilva crosswalks downtown Gloucester

Cat Ryan submits-

Hi Joey

As a reminder, there will be 20 temporary mixed media crosswalks throughout downtown by artist, Justin Desilva (Rhode Island School of Design alumnus). Each one features different HarborWalk story moment content.  Special thanks to Ben’s Paint.

Here’s the TS Eliot work along the intersection of Washington Street and Main by Tallys. The HarborWalk Story Moment marker #2 featuring TS Eliot is further down on the path by St. Peter’s and Cape Ann Brewing.

image010 (1)

Comments included how the images change depending upon where and how one is looking (viewing the images through a lens, or viewfinder, from a distance, or up close).

This man thought it was fun to compare Justin’s ideas and process with Seurat and other Pointillists. The pug is unfazed by the new surface over his frequent path past Joan of Arc. The HarborWalk Joan of Arc story marker is #37. We’ll ask Justin about his ideas in another post.

image011 (3)

Today’s intermittent rain slowed down the process, but not the speed of the cars! (Drivers fly past Joan of Arc heading to the Boulevard).

Thanks to Phyllis Cucuru for spending time with us and supplying a barney trash bag. Feeling fortunate that Café Sicillia, Building Center and other businesses are open on Sunday as we had to make a couple of trips. Desilva was planning to complete Hammond Castle and one in tribute to the Dory (on Main Street by Café Sicillia and Short and Main).

Here’s the Hammond Castle site BEFORE looking down to the Boulevard and out to the harbor. There’s also a photo looking back in the direction of the Joan of Arc memorial.

image005 (1)


image012 (3)


The 2013 Gloucester HarborWalk Public Art Challenge was a competitive, two-stage, open process established and administered by the Committee for the Arts (CFTA) on behalf of the City of Gloucester, and at the direction of Mayor Kirk and the City’s Community Development Department under Sarah Garcia. Funding for the purchase of public art was provided through a grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Seaport Advisory Council. The awards reflect discussions, community development, planning and determination to remember and work towards incorporating the creative arts broadly alongside other city efforts. Gloucester hearts art! For further information Gloucester Committee for the Arts

Have an idea? Want to get involved or volunteer? Please email friends of the HarborWalk gharborwalk@gmail.com or visit http://www.ghwalk.org

Hammond Castle is preparing for their Halloween fundraiser "Castle of Madness"

Hi Joey,

Hammond Castle is preparing for their Halloween fundraiser “Castle of Madness” and they’re looking for volunteers, high school and above, for cast and crew. There are six evening performances: Oct. 18, 19, 25, 26 & Nov. 1 & 2.

There’s an organizational meeting for interested volunteers this Thursday, September 26, 7PM, at Hammond Castle. There’s a few paid positions available as well. Working on the “Castle of Madness” is a blast, and attending it is wicked scary fun!

Thanks for posting this, Joey… I’ll send along updates & pics along the way.

Linn Parisi


Hammond Castle

Hi Joey,  we sure enjoyed meeting you a few mornings ago and are enjoying the sights and sounds of Glosta/Cape Ann.  Even though Hammond Castle is closed for the season (except for Haunted Nights), I poked around and caught this pic of autumn leaves framing a back window.  Just a little something different.
Cheers, Sharon St Clair-King and Chuck King.


Walking around the Hammond Castle

John Hays Hammond, Jr. built his medieval-style castle between the years 1926
and 1929 to serve both as his home and as a backdrop for his collection of
Roman, medieval, and Renaissance artifacts. The castle was constructed as a
wedding present for his wife Irene Fenton Hammond to prove how much he cared for
her.   In addition, the building housed the Hammond Research Corporation, from
which Dr. Hammond produced over 400 patents and the ideas for over 800
inventions.  Second only to Thomas Alva Edison in number of patents, John
Hammond was one of America’s premier inventors.  His most important work was the
development of remote control via radio waves, which earned him the title, “The
Father of Remote Control.”


Hammond Castle

This place is such a jewel in our great city.  Here is a little information on the Hammond Castle.   Hammond Castle is located on the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts. The castle, which was constructed between 1926 and 1929, was the home and laboratory of John Hays Hammond, Jr. Mr. Hammond was an inventor who was a pioneer in remote control and held over four hundred patents. The building is a collection of 15th, 16th, and 18th century architectural elements and sits on a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  At present, the castle operates as the Hammond Castle Museum, with Hammond’s collection of Roman, medieval, and Renaissance artifacts, and exhibits about his life and inventions. Tours are self-guided, and visitors may explore the eight chambers, an elaborate courtyard, two towers and an elaborate ballroom.

Hammond Castle Archway

March 27, 2012 Archway

What a view

March 27, 2012 Hammond Castle

Vampires at Hammond Castle

Hi Joey,

I haven’t seen any press on this, so I thought you might want to let people know that the new residents of Hammond Castle are looking to have guests for dinner — literally!  The Castle is open this weekend and next for a bloody good time!

Just a note to those who go – parking seems to be an issue, so for everyone’s safety please park at Stage Fort Park (Free!) and take the free shuttle to the castle.

~Bill O’Connor
North Shore Kid


View of the Atlantic Ocean and Norman’s Woe Island from the Portico of Hammond Castle From Papa Dunes


Papa Dunes Writes-

Located on Hesperus Ave. in Gloucester, MA, Hammond Castle is a Medieval Castle open to the public.

The history of uninhabited Norman’s Woe is the history of its many shipwrecks. One noted shipwreck was of the “Rebecca Ann” in March, 1823. In a snowstorm, all ten crewmembers were swept out to sea, and one survived by holding on to a rock in the water. Perhaps the most famous shipwreck at Norman’s Woe was of the schooner “Favorite” out of Wiscasset, Maine, in December 1839. Twenty bodies washed ashore, among them that of an older woman lashed to a piece of the ship. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow took that story and named the ship “Hesperus” after a wreck near Boston in creating the legend of “The Wreck of the Hesperus,” the most famous “shipwreck” associated with Norman’s Woe.

Check out The Rest of Papa Dunes Beautiful Photography here

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