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Thank You from Seacoast Activity Director Alison Cox

Dear Friends of Seacoast,
Thanks to you, the residents of Seacoast have enjoyed many special events and activities since we last met including:
The New Years Eve celebration with a dessert buffet.
Dinner theater with entertainment by Pianist Vocalist Scott Andrews in January
A Baby Farm animal visit
An assortment of new supplies and games
And the Atlantic Shores unit now has an electric Fireplace
Upcoming special events include:
Dinner theater catered by Capt. Hooks with entertainment by Nick Esposito 2/12
Dessert buffet with a harpist & violinist 2/14 for a Valentine’s Celebration
2/14 Chocolate candy & Balloons will be given to each resident as a Valentine’s present
Any Friends available to volunteer and help deliver the gifts please come join us. Gifts will be distributed to all residents for Valentine’s Day 2/14 @ 3:00 PM
We are especially grateful to Hallie Baker of Turtle Alley Chocolates who generously gave us the chocolate candy at her cost.  Thank you Hallie
Thank you all!
Alison Cox
Activity Director
Thomas M. Lattof
Hallie Baker Turtle Alley Chocolates

Hallie Baker Turtle Alley Day!

It’s all about the chocolate baby!  It’s that time of year- Chocolates on the table- chocolates as gifts-you get the drift.  Who doesn’t love a box of cashew turtles?

Well today it’s all about Hallie Baker and her chocolates as we bring you a slide show from her shop this morning and an afternoon episode of GMG’s Laurie Lufkin’s Inspired Cooking brought to you from Turtle Alley.  Check back at 1PM for the Turtle alley video with Laurie and Hallie.

Turtle Alley website here

In the meantime click this text for the Turtle Alley Slide Show

Click the pic for the Turtle Alley Slide Show

Hallie Baker – Proprietor Of Turtle Alley

If you are anything like the dozens of people I’ve heard complaining daily about how depressing the weather has made them then I have the solution.

Head over to Turtle Ally and drown your crappy weather induced misery in some decadent chocolate treats hand made by Hallie Baker.

Video coming later