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Cape Ann Brewing Just Killing It With This Tasty Haddock Sangie

Joey C Tip of the day-

Hold the tah tah sauce and order a side of cocktail sauce to spice this bad boy up.   Then drizzle a little of that killer diller home made hot sauce they got behind the bar and you’ve got yourself a fan-freaking-tastic Haddock sandwich.  Boom!

Big ups for the nice crispy fries as well.


Cape Ann Brewing’s Haddock Sandwich

I’m just gonna put it out there that you don’t need to like craft beer to have an excuse to go to Cape Ann Brewing.  The food is fantastic.  This haddock sandwich might just have been the best I’ve ever eaten.  They give you a huge portion of haddock, beer battered and cooked perfectly. 


As an aside, you could also go just to listen to the beer nerds at the bar wet themselves  talking about “mouth feel” and percentages of alcohol of each beer.  It’s comical to listen to them try to out-do each other with obscure beer statistics and craft beer knowledge.  Oy!