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What Little Credibility People Magazine Had Just Flew Out The Window When They Named Gwyneth Paltrow World’s Most Beautiful Woman

Gwyneth Paltrow undeniably a beautiful woman.  No question.  But World’s Most Beautiful?  That’s just crazy talk. 


WORLD.  As in the Earth, right?  Not like most beautiful person that lives on her block.  Bananas.  Might as well rename the magazine the National Enquirer II.

Movie – “Two Lovers”

The Cape Ann Community Cinema
(at Gloucester Stage)
267 East Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930

SHOWTIMES: Wednesday, May 6 through Sunday, May 10 @ 7:15pm; bonus show Friday, May 8 @ 5:00pm

Set in the insular world of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, TWO LOVERS is a classic romantic drama, with Joaquin Phoenix giving a raw and vulnerable performance as Leonard, a charismatic but troubled young man who moves back into his childhood home following a recent heartbreak. While recovering under the watchful eye of his parents (Isabella Rossellini and Moni Monoshov), Leonard meets two women in quick succession: Michelle (Gwyneth Paltrow), a mysterious and beautiful neighbor who is exotic and out-of-place in Leonard’s staid world, and Sandra, the lovely and caring daughter of a businessman who is buying out his family’s dry-cleaning business.

Leonard becomes deeply infatuated by Michelle, who seems poised to fall for him, but is having a self-destructive affair with a married man. At the same time, mounting pressure from his family pushes him towards committing to Sandra. Leonard is forced to make an impossible decision – between the impetuousness of desire and the comfort of love – or risk falling back into the darkness that nearly killed him.

“…the work of a mature, sensitive artist in total control of his craft.” –Scott Foundas, LA Weekly

“In every sense of the word it’s an adult film that wears its heart on its sleeve. A giant step forward for director Gray and Gwyneth Paltrow. Joaquin Phoenix is one of the screen’s most admirable risk takers.” –Rex Reed, NY Observer