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A Sea of Seedlings! and Milkweed Growing Tip

©Kim Smith 2014JPGWhere’s my garden, and my front porch? Lost in a sea of seedlings! ©Kim Smith 2014 **

Round No. 1 DONE!! Round No. 2, Ready to Plant!

Perennial growing tip: Several days ago Lisa Smith from Cape Ann TV helped me upload a film project. While working and catching up, she shared that she had purchased one each of a Marsh Milkweed plant and a Common Milkweed plant last year at our first Cape Ann Milkweed Project. Lisa thought hers weren’t doing that well and that they were not going to make it through the winter. She was very pleasantly surprised to see a strong sturdy stalk of Common Milkweed emerge as well as a nice little clump of Marsh Milkweed stems also emerge.

There’s an old-fashioned saying regarding growing perennials that goes something like this: The first year they sleep; the second, they creep; and the third year, they leap! Especially this year, where the ground and air temperature are cooler than what we have become accustomed to in recent years, perennials may be a little slower than usual to emerge.

©Kim Smith 2014