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Capturing the Flag…and Bloopers and Close Calls

While we all know by now that Randy Sweet captured both Friday and Saturday’s Greasy Pole flags and that Jake Wagner is Sunday’s Champion, it is worth mentioning that there were several other, less glorified, close calls on the pole.  There were also pretty epic falls.

Here’s just a bit of Sunday’s action in video and photos



Things are Looking Up for the Greasy Pole Champ, Jake Wagner

Or at least I was looking up at Sunday’s Greasy Pole Champion, Jake Wagner.  I learned quickly from my vantage point just under the pole that that grease is no joke.  Thatch, Finn, and I came home covered in it.

Congratulations to all of the walkers!  There were several very close calls this afternoon! Good showing by all!




Randy Sweet captures the flag for the second night in a row. As is the Saturday tradition, the Friday Greasy Pole winner walks first. Randy took the flag at the top of the third round. Congratulations Randy!!!

Randy’s parents Michelle and Billy, and brother Collin

According to Randy’s dad, Billy, Randy and his friends have been practicing walking the Greasy Pole since they were young kids.


The dates of Saint Peter’s Fiesta are June 21st through June 25th and the schedule will be posted on the Saint Peter’s Fiesta website. There is a rumor circulating that Fiesta falls on the following weekend, which is definitely not true. This information comes straight from Fiesta committee member Al Millefoglie.

Tremendously exciting that this year marks the 90th anniversary of the Saint Peter’s Fiesta. I think it’s going to be the BEST FIESTA EVER!!


Pavilion Beach Sunset Gloucester Greasy Pole Beauport Princess copyright Kim SmithBeauport Princess and Greasy Pole

Last night’s spectacular fireworks display was preceded by a glorious twilight. After photographing the parade, I met my husband at the Beauport for a fabulous al fresco dinner of fresh, locally sourced fish and veggies. The deck was filled to capacity with expectant firework’s viewers yet despite that, our meals were delicious and the service exceptional. Marly was our waitress and although it was her first night on the job, she is top notch. Colleen was the hostess. Many may recall what a sweet and welcoming person she is from her years at the Studio and Rudder. It was a treat to see Colleen at the Beauport!

The sky changed from golden violet to violet pink within seconds and it was fun to see all the boats jockeying into position for firework’s viewing.

Pavilion Beach Sunset Gloucester Greasy Pole Thomas Lannon copyright Kim Smith

Schooner Lannon and the Greasy Pole

Pinky Ardelle and Ten Pound Island copyright Kim SmithPinky Schooner Ardelle and Ten Pound Island from the Beauport Hotel Deck

Schooner Lannon copyright Kim SmithSchooner Thomas E. Lannon

DSCF1747Beauport Hotel’s very helpful and friendly concierges  Emily Jermyn and Chris Horack


St Peter Fiesta Gloucester City hall carnival copyright Kim SmithPhotos from Thursday evening after the 5k race when the light and clouds were simply exquisite. Anyone else feeling the post-Fiesta blues? 

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival Patriot Nation copyright Kim SmithPatriot Nation

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival copyright Kim SmithSt Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival -4 copyright Kim Smith St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Carnival -3 copyright Kim SmithYou’ll-Never-See-Me-On-This-Ride

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester Pavillion Beach greasy Pole sunset -11 copyright Kim SmithAfter filming the 5k and the rides, I walked over to Pavilion Beach and caught a Seine boat practicing by the Greasy Pole in the very Fitz Henry Lane-like luminous atmosphere. It’s all captured on film and am fortunate that the one evening that I could film at the carnival, the twilight could not have been prettier. Viva!

St Peter Fiesta Gloucester sunset twilight Pavillion Beach copyright Kim Smith



Some props need to go to this walker.  A little help here….because I missed his name.  We all know the first round of the Greasy Pole is a “Courtesy Round” and the flag can not be grabbed.  But it is clear that victory would have been his if he were allowed to pull the flag down with him.  Actually….with his hand wrapped around the pole…I’m not sure how he was able to leave it up there.


This is the Greasy Pole. Video of Kyle Barry’s Triumph

GoPro footage of the final round of Saint Peter’s Fiesta Greasy Pole Sunday, Kyle Barry’s win, and the triumphant swim to shore.

Pretty exciting to be in the midst of it….even if my board is now covered in grease.

Good times.  Congratulations, Kyle!


Can you find Fiesta and the greasy pole? Birdseye view


Clarence Birdseye had the perfect name!

Enjoy a birds-eye vista of Gloucester. The Fiesta at St. Peter’s is to the left of the new Beauport Hotel, the former site of Birdseye, and the Greasy Pole to the right. Finding Fiesta from the next birds-eye vantage point is a challenge, but if you have keen eyes…


Look in this direction.



Gloucester Harbor snowy day -3 Kim Smith 2016. JPGLooking out my office window its hard to believe this is an afternoon in April, not mid-February. The following is a quote friend Jamy left on my Facebook page today, “Spring, she could not help herself, she fell back into Winter’s cold embrace.”

Gloucester Harbor snowy day -2 Kim Smith 2016. JPG

Man at the Wheel Gloucester snowy day Kim Smith 2016. JPG copy

Gloucester harbor Greasy pole snowy day Kim Smith

spring snow #gloucesterma Harbor

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