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Seine Boat Practice-Ambie Sausages-Greasy Pole Shrine Photos Early Morning 6/25/14

Sista Felicia On the Scene Bringing You Fiesta- Hope You Enjoy!

2011 Greasy Pole Shrine Takes Shape

Erik Spear and Paulie Nicastro begin to erect the Greasy pole Shrine with several new additions this year including a memorial, more flags, banners from Peter Favazza and photos from Cape Ann Historical Museum courtesy of The Infamous Fred Buck.

look for the video tomorrow and more photos of the shrine completed


2011 Greasy Pole Updates

This year’s Greasy Pole Shrine at Felicia Oil down in the Fort is going to be better than ever (and it was already pretty huge to begin with).  Eric Spear asked for us to put a call out for help finding old photos to add to the Greasy Pole Shrine and connecting the dots is generally something we can do pretty good around here at GMG.

I put him in touch with Fred Buck at The Cape Ann Museum and they have been collaborating to bring a whole slew of new photos that haven’t been seen in a great number of years to the Shrine.  there is also another huge addition which I’ll announce once I get clearance.

Also this just in from Frankie Interrante-

Not sure if it newsworthy to your readers bout Bobby Scola and I will be walking the pole for the first time in over 20 years. Neither one of us has ever won but got a bunch of Saturday walks under our belts. I am walking Sunday in honor of my cousin Benny Interrante who took the flag in 1976, a few years before he went down to sea on the Captain Cosmo.  Bobby I think is walking for Sammo.

Be nice if you let the readers know about our traditions regarding this tradition.

Thanks Frankie Interrante.

Here are some photos from the past-

Joe Agrusso- Greasy Pole Champ

Greasy Pole Champs, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Joey Palmisano- Greasy Pole Champ

Joey Palmisano- Greasy Pole Champ

Russell Heinze- Greasy Pole Champ

Russell Heinze- Greasy Pole Champ

I wonder whats going through his mind

I wonder what’s going through his mind

Special Thanks To Paul and Beanie Nicastro For The Pictures

Come Watch The Greasy Pole Shrine Take Shape Wednesday At 9:30AM-Video

Paulie Nicastro Prepares A New Space For The Greasy Pole Shrine

Paulie Asks That If You Have Any Pictures From Past Greasy Pole Events To Please Bring Them Down Wednesday Morning To Be A Part Of The Greasy Pole Shrine


It’s pretty ambitious to try to fill that huge wall.