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Mike O’Connell & Friends Tonight @ MinglewoodAtLat43

Mike OConnell & Friends
To make some of the hottest music out there.
You know what I’m takin about….if not come find out.
MinglewoodTavern AtLat
With Steve Sadler, Joe Cardoza and Frosty Padgett!

mike oconnell and friends


25 Rogers Street
Gloucester, MA, United States 01966

Grateful Dead Concert Last Night

grateful-deadWell, it’s 8 a.m. and I should be still asleep. Too bad my internal clock doesn’t know that I got in 6 hours ago! What a night! My first Dead concert! The DCU Center in Worcester was like a time machine set to the 70’s.  We were a stone’s throw from the stage. People of all ages- baby boomers, little kids and everything in between.  A sea of tie dyed shirts.  Huge balloons bounced over the heads of the crowd. A constantly changing halo of lights above us. And the MUSIC! I’ve always loved Grateful Dead stuff, but I never had the opportunity to see them live. What an experience. No one sat for more than a minute during the 3 1/2 concert (45 minute break) dancing to familiar songs . The drum solos, the guitars, the whole night was magic! A big Thank You to my friend, Skip, for the invite!         —Sharon