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Pacific City Oregon Doesn’t Have A Local Dory As Beautiful As Ours So They Use Len Burgess’ Photo of A Gloucester MA Grand Banks Dory In Their “Dory Days” Promotion

Len Writes-

Pacific City, Oregon, used my Gloucester Dory shot for
its ‘Dory Days’ promotion. I guess it hasn’t got a ‘real dory’ there…
–Len Burgess


No credit to Len for the photo- poor form but I guess when they are so lazy that they use a Northeast Grand Banks Dory to represent a Northwest festival that’s what you get.  I wonder how many other times the web person for the Visit Pacific City website grabs other peoples photos without crediting them?

Hi Joey, here’s the original…
Taken at the 2010 Gloucester Schooner Festival.
–Len Burgess


                                                                                               see, was that so hard^^^?

Old Schooner Dory at Cape Ann Museum

I know I seem like I’ve been harping on it for teh past week but I still can’t believe how many treasures are to be discovered from Gloucester’s past at The Cape Ann Museum.

Check out the website for hours and more info-


Jimmy T and Joey Ciolino Take The Race Dories Across The Harbor To Take them Out For The Winter

Every year the race dories get taken out of the water and stored in a tent up on Pond Road.  They need to be rowed across from Saint Peter’s Park, put on trailers, and then brought up to Pond Road where they will be pressure washed and put away til the spring.

Here are a couple of videos that FOB Frank Ciolino took of the day-

Listen for Frank’s Evil Laugh. Mwah Ha Ha!