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“MARCIA WILL U BE MINE” Graffiti on Straitsmouth Island

marciawillubemineMonday August 25, freshly painted on the gap end of Straitsmouth Island.


Marcia, here’s a tip, dump this loser and tell him to go row out to Straitsmouth and remove his stupid message.

You could also name him so we could publicly ridicule him too. That would be fun. Is he the D-bag who spray painted “MOLLY” under the Keystone Bridge?

Your boyfriend with the low IQ should not be dating material.

Poignant Banksy Monarch Image Shared By GMG FOB Bing McGilvray

Banksy quote ~ “We don’t need any more heroes; we just need someone to take out the recycling.”


GMG FOB Bing McGilvray posted this Banksy Monarch painting on our GMG Community Group. THANK YOU BING!

Another Banksy quote ~ “Writing graffiti is about the most honest way you can be an artist. It takes no money to do it, you don’t need an education to understand it and there’s no admission fee.”


5 POINTZ – Aerosol Art Center

I was in New York for a couple of days and read about the Aerosol Art Center at 45 Davis Street in Long Island City. A mecca for graffiti (Aerosol Art) where the building owner has allowed artists to put their work on the walls of this 200,000 SF property.  Organized through 5Pointz, permits have been awarded to the artists and each work stays for a set time and then is replaced with a new creation. Unfortunately, the property is now scheduled for demolition to make way for a couple of new condo towers, so i headed over to get some pictures before it is gone. If in NYC this is worth checking out! Great artwork and a unique setting!

Additional information at http://www.5pointz.com  and http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/5pointz-meet-wrecking-ball-article-1.1433201

To Whomever Spray-Painted Graffiti On My Fence At 25 Addison St Between 9PM and 3AM Friday Night From Kathleen at Big Mike’s Bikes

To Whomever Spray-Painted Graffiti On My Fence At 25 Addison St Between 9PM and 3AM Friday Night:

We need to fund arts in education more. Clearly. Because neither I, nor the officer who so nicely came out to look at it, nor my neighbors can figure out what the hell you drew here. Sclop? Solop? Is that an E? A hat? A mushroom? Any one of those are the worst fake gang names ever. Sclop Hat. Yeah, that guy’s hardcore. We don’t mess with Sclop Hat ’round these parts.
I feel bad for you because on a Friday night, you didn’t have anything better to do than spray paint my fence. You couldn’t even get invited to a house party? On Labor day weekend? This is probably because no one likes you maybe because you smell or have a visible rash. Now I have to spend my day off trying to figure out how to get your shoddy, crapass drawing off my fence. I’d have at least been less pissed about it if it was well-done, but you’re no Banksy. I can point you towards Art Haven if you want to improve your artistic talent in the future.
This is why we can’t have nice things. At least you didn’t steal my bike, I guess.
You suck,

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