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Great Schools | Thank you Gloucester! O’Maley Innovation Middle School chromebook bonanza

Thanks to the City of Gloucester, Google and HP- 8th graders received their brand new chrome books tonight. Gloucester O’Maley Innovation Middle School was buzzing with excitement.

Assistant Principal (and beloved former social studies teacher), Mr. Jeff Destino, explained the rules and responsibilities.


From there,  parents and the 8th grade students headed to the sky high, skylit, art adorned hub, the Commons, set up tonight with temporary tables stacked high with tech.




Google Putting the link to Google+ In A Submenu Tells Me They’ve Conceded To Facebook


Above you see a screenshot of my Google Home page.  Before the first link in the top right hand corner was a link to your Google+ page.  Now it’s buried in the submenu.  I like Google+, it’s a billion times cleaner than Facebook, but the first to the party Facebookisn’t going anywhere while Google has relugated Google+ to a submenu.

Just thought it’s worth noting for the geeks like me out there.

If you haven’t joined the new GMG Google+ Community Group then you missed…

If you haven’t joined the new GMG Google+ Community Group then you missed Ann Kennedy’s tip for an app that turns your photos into incredible watercolor paintings, the GMG animated GIF contest, Live Ships Map, Rich Beans funny podcast find and more.

I’m just sayin…

It’s a great way for the GMG FOBs to communicate.
Join Here




Doug Brendel Has Seen the Light!


Joey, I’ve been cheering your rants about people who ask you for info instead of finding it themselves on Google. This morning as I was reading through the blog, I thought I had come to a situation where I really would have to ask for an explanation. Lovasco’s weather synopsis said, “Bombing storm off ACK later today.” As a humble ignoramus from the backwoods, I had no idea what this phrase meant. However, I didn’t want to put you or Lovasco in the position of having to say, “LMGTFY.” 

So I went to Google, followed your instructions precisely. I typed in my question: “What does ACK stand for?” Of course there were a few explanations of “gagging sounds,” and one reference to the Anglican Church of Kenya, but as I scrolled down, there it was – before I got to the bottom of the very first screen full of options: a reference to Nantucket Memorial Airport, which is known by the code ACK. 

Today I bring this message of hope to all FOBs: See how helpful Google can be to an Ipswich resident unfamiliar with the sophisticated parts of the state? Google can be helpful to you, too!

Love from the far west side of Ipswich,

Doug Brendel

“The Outsidah”


After thinking about it I think the frustration comes from not understanding the thought process…


I think the thing that frustrates me the most about people refusing to perform simple internet searches and asking others to do it is the not really understanding the psyche behind people asking other people to search the web for them.

It seems like the simplest and most direct route for someone to find answers.  For example:  If someone couldn’t find a post that had been written on GMG yesterday, last week or last year they could go two routes, right?

Route 1  They either search on the GMG Search box or if they didn’t know it even existed they could point their internet browser to Google, type in the search term and get the answer within 30 seconds.

Route 2: They write an email to me, wait til I actually have time to read it, perform the internet search for them, copy the results, email them back.  Could take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple days before I get through the emails that come in.

Now knowing how much quicker it would be to just perform the search themselves I just have to ask myself why?  Why in the world does someone refuse to perform the search themselves?

Now we all know those people who pride themselves on “Not being a computer person”. Not the feeble minded ones, but the genuinely smart people in every day lives that are really really smart and successful but they wear the “I don’t have a smartphone” badge like it’s something to be proud of.  These are the type of people who would bite their nose off to spite their own face.  If you have a smartphone (and it’s not about money because you can get free smartphones with any carrier) you know the power you have in your hand.  You know that knowledge is power and the information at your fingertips with a smartphone is nearly limitless.

So to trot out the “I’m not a computer person” line in the year 2014 makes you look stupid.  I don’t mean this to offend anyone.  I’m just telling you that saying this line out loud to anyone is basically telling people that you’re an idiot.  Computers are so dumbed down today, that if you can spell, then you can use an internet browser.  A two minute YouTube instructional video can explain how to perform a Google search.

Here’s a great internet tutorial for beginners.  You may ask how I found it.  By golly I actually found it using a search on Google!  Crazy right? I knooooow!!!  So Crazy!

So then after the “I’m not a smartphone person” or “I’m not a computer person” people, could it be laziness?  Do the people that write in these requests for information posted on the web just not want to perform the task of typing in the query?

Again I’m not meaning to offend with these questions, I’m trying to figure out for my own sanity the thought process (or lack thereof) in asking someone else through email to find something online for them when the act of writing out that email request took more time and energy than simply performing the internet search themselves.  It actually takes less time and keystrokes for the person asking the question.

So I guess that kinda answers my question there.  It can’t be that they’re lazy because it actually requires more work for them to type out the email than perform the search.  So strike lazy.

I genuinely believe the disconnect is a simple 2-5 minute lesson on how to point their browser in the direction of a search engine.  Could it be that simple you think?  Do you think that people are so afraid of technology that they intentionally refuse to learn how to find a search box?  That two minute lesson would open up worlds of information and empower them so much but they still won’t take that leap.  Being able to search for flights, bus schedules, sports scores, local events, international events, knitting patterns, free music, writing, art, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect, ect……

What percentage of the people who refuse to perform internet searches do you think is due to “



Fear of Internet

Please help me understand.  Please.  I beg of you.  If you are one of these people could you write in (and you can make it anonymous) to help me understand why you wouldn’t perform an internet search.  Maybe if we hear from a few of these folks we can find ways to help them understand how easy it is.

How much could I charge for a seminar to teach people how to look for things on the internet using a search engine?


You may think I’m kidding but I’m dead serious.

Or maybe the President of the United States could pay me to do a national public service announcement campaign explaining how to do it. 

What would I need like a 30 second spot on all the major networks on how to point your computer to Google and type the words of the subject that you are looking for and then hit the enter button.

Is that even 30 seconds?  Maybe I could speed talk my way through it in 15 seconds and we could buy double the air space.


This is but one question of about the 20 emails I get a day asking me to find things that had been on the blog a previous day or last week-

Recently you posted sista felicias recipe for haddock chowder.  I failed to keep it.  Can you please send it to me?


My response-

Good Morning 🙂

Try this

go to this site-


then go to the top right corner where the search box is.

once you locate the search box type in “Haddock Chowder”

I bet you find the recipe.

Alternatively you could go to www.google.com

Once there you could find the search box and type in goodmorninggloucester haddock chowder

I bet that would do the trick as well.

have an awesome day

Now if I took my time to respond this calmly to every person that asks me on a daily basis to find something that had been on the blog before I’d never have time to actually produce any content.

What I wanted to do was tear what little bit of hair that I have left out of my scalp and scream because I just can’t understand how hard it is to perform an internet search or what the disconnect is that people are unwilling to perform one.  Is it possible in this day and age when Google is one of the largest companies in the world and part of the Fortune 500 that people don’t know it exists or what it is for?  It is clearly obvious that that disconnect exists for a huge number of the population.  Otherwise I wouldn’t get 20-30 emails a day asking me to find previous posts for people.

This is why the Government giving me a ginormous grant to do a PSA on how to perform internet searches would be probably the best money they ever spent.  Think about the productivity gains you would get from educating what my conservative estimate is 20% of the population who do not know how to search the internet for what they are interested in.

Please for the love of god, help spread the word of this thing called Google– so that all of mankind will benefit and middle aged balding bloggers will be less inclined to tear what little hair they have left on their head out.

Please and Thank You.


Is It Astounding In 2013 That Someone Would Ask This Question Rather Than Google “Hard Merchandise T-Shirt”?

I got this email last night (name removed as to not embarrass the nice person)-

where can i find t-shirts for the hard merchandise?  cant find it on this place, or im looking in the wrong place.  help me out ok?  thanx


In no way shape or form am I trying to be a prick here.  It’s just interesting to me and I thought I’d share the fact that there are HUGE numbers of the population that haven’t figured out how to do an online search using a search engine.

I mean it had to take more energy for this kind person to type out the email asking where they can find Hard Merchandise T-Shirts than the energy it would have taken to type “Hard Merchandise T-shirt” into a search engine.

So you know they truly don’t understand how.  They’re not being lazy, they just don’t understand that they could Google it.

Here’s a Public Service Announcement for those folks that haven’t figured out how to search for stuff online (an everyday life tool I think you should know about)-

There are other Search engines such as www.bing.com and www.lmgtfy.com you can use to perform searches for things you would like information about or products to buy.

I understand that many of you already understand this but if you saw how many questions a day I get with simple questions that can be answered with far fewer keystrokes you would understand that there are huge chunks of the population for which this tutorial will help immensely.

If we can help just one person understand how to perform an internet search that previously didn’t know how I’ll consider this post a smashing success.

thank you for your time and understanding

Joey C

P&V’s LOL #6: Multitasking isn’t

What impact might multitasking be having on the brains of young people? Researchers are starting to look into the issue, with weighty results.  Photo credit: © Alberto Pomares/iStockphoto

Multitasking isn’t.  Isn’t what?  Isn’t Multi.  Not really.  Just when we thought we were more efficient, science rears its ugly head and proves us wrong.  Google multitasking and you’ll see most of the results busting the myth of multitasking — many even saying it’s bad for our brains (see an example here).  YIKES!

You can still walk and chew gum at the same time.  That won’t fry your brain.  You can even drive and listen to the radio or sing or talk to the passenger at the same time.  But “switching tasks”, according to this article, isn’t just bad for your brain, it can even threaten your “basic health.”  Looks like interest rates are about to change (click here if you’re wondering about that).

Our new phones have a new feature they’re trying to sell us.  It transcribes voice-mails to text so you can read them on your phone.  So I ask Vickie, why would I want that?  It’s so much easier to listen to my voice mail.  I don’t have to fumble for my glasses.  I can listen in the car …  Well, you can read them in a meeting, she replies.

Really?  Seems to me that if I’m in a meeting where I can read my voice-mail, I’m in the wrong meeting.  Turns out, Google agrees.  According to this article in Forbes, Google banned laptops at meetings and guess what?  People who had more important stuff to do just left the meeting.  Brilliant!

Here’s a fun experiment — proof that multitasking isn’t.  Watch the video below while doing something else, like talking on the phone, or answering emails or reading transcribed voice-mails.  I’ll bet you won’t laugh.  Now stop everything else and watch.  It’s hysterical!

In the spirit of trying to quit (multitasking, that is) we’re gonna do you  a favor and not  post anything tomorrow (sorry, Joey).  You won’t be tempted to read our post while sitting in church or opening presents or eating Christmas dinner.  Nope.  You’ve got a multitasking free day.  Enjoy it, and imagine how clear your head will feel and how wonderful life will be once you’ve quit for good.

Then try this on Wednesday.  Go to one of Gloucester’s excellent music venues (see live music lineup here) and actually listen to the music (eat & drink if you like, but don’t talk).  You’ll get why we keep telling you Gloucester has top talent and a burgeoning music scene.


Over A Year Later We Revisit Google+ Google Circles

Back on August 23, 2011 I wrote that I thought Google Circles and Google plus were probably not going to take off the way some folks were predicting-

GMG Tech Talk- Google Plus, Google Circles

Posted on August 23, 2011 by Joey C

How many of you are actually using these services?


When they first appeared around what seems like a couple of weeks ago lots of people were signing up and tech media were predicting that it was going to turn Facebook on it’s ear. ahem (Paul Morrison).

The numbers of people were signing up for the services were enormous as there are already a ton of people who use and trust Google products to begin with.   So the growth was probably from people saying sure, what the hell, I’ll give it a try and with the sheer number of Google users to begin with those numbers of new accounts when reported in the media are staggering.

Well Google products have a long history of success and I use many of them daily. Gmail, Google Calendar, Documents, Google Music and Google Listen among a few I use most every day.  There have been a few misses with products that may have been a little ahead of it’s time or too smart to catch on universally.  Among one that comes to mind was the collaborative tool Google Wave which promised real time online collaborations.  I used it once or twice and it was interesting but not enough folks caught on.  Kenny and I edit our podcast shownotes in Google docs sometimes simultaneously and Google Docs seems like it took a lot of things from Google wave and integrated them.

As tech savvy as I consider myself I still can’t get the hang of circles.  It may be just a little too slick and I just don’t have the energy to figure it all out right now.  So my intuition tells me that if I can’t figure it out in a snap that most grandmothers will say fuck it and not bother.  This is a huge difference between Facebook and Google Circles.  Facebook seems just super easy peasy lemon squeazy whereas Google Circles seems like people really need to sort a whole bunch of stuff out to make it manageable.

Google +?  I’ve clicked on that +1 button on a bunch of different sites including this one when there are things that I find interesting and I figure it will share that somewhere but I’ve yet to figure out where that +1 button is visible or who gets to see the post or page that I find interesting enough to click the +1 button for.  Again, I consider myself pretty much a 9.5 on the scale from 1-10 on the tech geek scale so for me not to understand it gives me a strong sense that a good majority of people don’t understand it either.

Maybe once my season slows down and once the winter doldrums set in I’ll have time to get more into it but I’m just not sure the masses will and isn’t that what Google wants to capture with it’s products-  the masses?

Now over a year later I see a few hard core geeks (and I say that in the most complimentary way) ahem Paul Morrison, are using these services and it hasn’t made a tiny nick in the armor that is Facebook from what I can tell. 

It’s rare that I use either of the two, how bout you?  Do you still use Google Circles or Google+?  Do you think it will stay as part of the Google ecosystem?  I imagine they are still adding users but my guess is that the rate at which they are adding subscribers compared to the first couple of months when they were rolling out the service has dropped to a teeny tiny fraction of what it was.  Back a month into the roll out I found it preposterous that analysts were extrapolating the numbers of people signing up in the first month for Google Circles far into the future as if that growth wasn’t simply the shear number of Gmail users that were trying it out for the first time.

When I hear social media pundits like my boy Ryan Pinkham talking about relevant services I never hear them talking about Google+ or Google Circles the way they talk about Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and I find that telling.  Maybe he will chime in here and give his take.

Your thoughts on the service?  Your thought on how you use it compared to the way you use Facebook?  Comment below- 

Social Media Guru Ryan Pinkham adds-

There’s been a lot of talk of Google+ being a ghost town. The way that Google reports on how many people use it is really out of whack, so while they may say they have 100 million+, the level of activity doesn’t match up.

When I have a blog post or find an article I like, I never think “Hey let me share this on Google+” It doesn’t come close to matching the reach of FB, Twitter, or even LinkedIn. Also it doesn’t offer enough of a unique experience to make me put in the effort. I’m a lot less interested in learning about a site that’s trying to be the new Facebook than a site like Pinterest which is offering a unique experience.

I also have never met a business owner who says Google+ has helped their business, would love to hear from anyone who has seen success.

Truthfully I would love to see Google+ takeoff because I think people are getting kinda Facebooked out, but they’re still a long way away.

That all being said, if your a business owner it’s worth it to hop on Google+ and claim your business name now, before someone else takes it. That way, if Google+ takes off in the future, you’ll be ready to go.