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Good Night Gloucester from Ann Kennedy

On leaving Gloucester…

GMG is the daily dose of pleasure, news, sights and sounds that make Gloucester come alive for us all. It continues to remind us that true community is created through thoughtful engagement of time, energy, and care for one another, on-line and off. GMG informs and shares, and it opens a welcoming door for visitors and residents alike.

October is passing far too quickly for me, and now it’s time to return home to Missouri. I am not ready to leave. Thank you, Gloucester and all of Cape Ann, for what and who you are. Thank you for your infinite natural and industrial beauty, your citizenry, your hard work and kindness to those of us who visit.  Thank you blog contributors for the incredible content!  May the fish be plentiful, the art and music flow freely, the winter calm and hard work always rewarded!



you must watch Ann’s video below-