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Ukulele Love Affair John Hicks Part II

John talks about the Ukulele resurgence on Cape Ann

His website –
Check Out Ukulele Hootenany At Eastern Point Lit House-
Join us each month for Uke Night @ The Lit House! All levels of uke enthusiast is welcome.

The Next Uke Night is December 15
Ukuele Hootenanny with John Hicks
6:30-8 p.m. |Third Monday each month

GMG Contributor Post Counts as Of 11/19/14

2010-12-01 04.46.25

Below is a table of total number of posts from each current GMG contributor-

Joey C 21907
Paulie Walnuts 1687
Donna Ardizzoni 1634
Kim Smith 1489

Joanne Silva


Marty Luster 1367
EJ LeFavour 1341
Peter & Vickie Van Ness 1248
Manny Simoes 965
Paul Morrison 592
Felicia Mohan 518

Alicia Pensarosa


Fred Bodin


Peter Lovasco 245
David Cox 233
Nichole Schrafft 188
Sara Kelly 167
Craig Kimberley 125
Lowell Peabody 85
Ed Collard 57


Joanne Silva 1483
paul frontiero 1687
Joey 21907
Marty Luster 1367
Craig Kimberley 125
David Cox 233
Donna Ardizzoni 1634
Ellen Lefavour 1341
Fredrik Bodin 290
Vickie & Peter Van Ness 1248
Lowell Peabody 85
Nichole Schrafft 188
Paul Morrison 592
Peter Lovasco 245
Manuel Simoes 965
Felicia Mohan 518
Sarah Kelly 167

Discussion of The Day- One Week In Market Basket Boycott, How’s It Affecting You?


Have you continued to shop at Market Basket?  Have you switched over to Shaws or Stop and Shop or Common Crow? How do you find the pricing and product selection at the places you have been shopping?

How strong is your resolve to support the Market Basket Employees in the face of higher prices at other supermarkets?

Leave a comment on this post describing how the Market Basket Boycott has been for you.


Sista Felicia Will Be Live Streaming Tonight’s St Peter’s Novena NOW! Tuesday Night 6/24/14

Click Here To View The Live St Peter’s Novena Video Feed RIGHT NOW!!!


Click the picture then you will be brought to UStream where they ask you to watch a short 30 second ad and then the live feed will play for you!

thanks To James From Cape Ann Giclee For The Help Getting The Feed Streaming

image image