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GHB photos from Lori Viator

Hello Joey, The sand has been so low at Good Harbor Beach lately! Today I noticed that the remnants of a rock wall and pilings are now exposed. (They’re across the creek from the grassy area of the Bass Rock … Continue reading

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Driftwood, what do you see?

Saw this huge piece of driftwood at Good Harbor Beach, I see a sea serpent.

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Warm October day at Good Harbor Beach

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Great Blue Heron ~ Rock or Reed?

Whether standing as silent as a rock or prepensivley moving through the reeds, this stealthiest of dawn hunters strikes with lightening swiftness.

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Beautiful Saturday September Morning

I awoke this morning before dawn to film sunrise and found a sweet gift of Virgilios sauce and amazingly fat rigatonis in the basket on my front porch. I am recovering from a leg operation and my friend Catherine Ryan … Continue reading

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Saturday Mornings “ROCK!” 09/21/2013 6:50AM

Saturday Mornings “ROCK!”  09/21/2013 6:50AM

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Video: Good Harbor Beach Sunrise

Good Harbor Beach, with Great Blue Heron and mini time-lapse sunrise towards the end. Oftentimes I see herons, gulls, and crows fishing peaceably together at daybreak. Not this morning! The heron vigorously defends its territory, while the crow has a … Continue reading

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Shootin’ A Moon This Post Rated PG-13

:) 09/18/2013

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Today’s Good Harbor Beach Sunrise

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Good Harbor Beach Volleyball

I often see this group playing volleyball together at Good Harbor Beach when out walking my sweet dog Rosie. Yesterday, more and more friends joined as the sun was setting and it looked like tons of fun. Thanks guys for not minding … Continue reading

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Beautiful Good Harbor Foggy Morning Sunrise, Snowy Egret, and Whimbrels

The sunrise in the lifting fog at Good Harbor Beach this morning looked at times more like a moonrise. A lone Snowy Egret was eating and fluffing its feathers and a pair of Whimbrels (at least I think they were … Continue reading

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Beach Days Count Down

Sunday at the Beach and Monday at the Beach

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Video: The Good Harbor Seal ~ What to do if you find a seal on the beach

The beautiful juvenile Harbor Seal was found on a foggy morning in midsummer. The seal was beached at the high tide line and its breathing was heavy and labored. It had no interest in returning to the water and needed … Continue reading

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THEN and NOW – Good Harbor Beach (1900)


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Breaking News: Good Harbor Beach Baby Harbor Seal Survives

This morning I went for an early morning walk at Good Harbor and discovered this beautiful baby Harbor Seal stranded at the high water mark. Over the next six hours it struggled to survive the world of curious humans. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Tiny Lobster found at Good Harbor Beach

Released to grow up and end up at the Lobster Pound someday.

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Fun and Smiles at Good Harbor Beach – 07/27/2013

  A special Day for this couple they were getting married on the Footbridge later that day.

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