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The Library and Librarians Are Flat Out Some Of The Greatest Local Resources Going- Poll


As I was preparing my list of books to take on vacation there was one I had at the top of that list- Adam Carolla’s Not Taco Bell Material.  Last year in Playa del Carmen I read his first book In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks and was laughing with every turn of the pages.

No luck on the shelves locally, I headed to Barnes and Noble where it was also out of stock and since I was leaving in two days time there was no chance of ordering it in time to take it on vacation.

So the Mrs suggests ordering it to read on my iPad.  While she has a tendency to not take care of her electronics I don’t like taking mine to the beach.  Sand and saltwater and suntan lotion- just way too much chance of messing stuff up.  However when looking online at the Library inventory of availability I see my book available in hardback edition.

I place the book on hold at 7:30AM. Show up at 10:00AM and ask for the book.  It hadn’t been pulled from the shelf yet but the librarian (total unsung hero) walks around from behind the desk, goes and finds it for me, hands it to me and I straight up walk out.  With a $25 book.  For free.  Just by showing up! I gots it for three weeks.

Customer service?  You betcha!  With a smile.

I thanked him and told him I appreciate his service to the community.

Twenty Five Dollars Savings In My Pocket.

This is not to mention to the free museum passes that are always available, the cds you can take out and burn to your iTunes collection listen to before returning, art exhibits, lecture series, free wifi, ect, ect, ect…

Point is, the library isn’t just a place for the homeless to hang out once the shelter boots them out for the day.  It’s probably one of the greatest resources in the community and it’s free.  If you end up on the positive end of savings and all these resources, please consider giving back and supporting the library. http://www.sawyerfreelibrary.org/


Big Time Props For Cathy McCarthy and Susan and Denny For Organizing The Food Drive At The Rocky Neck Plunge

645 Pounds of Food and $141 Were Collected At The 2013 Rocky Neck Plunge!

Great Work Cathy, Susan and Denny and Everyone Who Contributed!!!

G Town At It’s Finest

Doing Good For A Cause While Having Fun


Has Any Gloucester Mayor Or City Council Had This Much Success In What Is Supposed To Be A Suck Economy?

Big Time Kudos to Those In Charge.  I’d Say We’ve Never Had It So Good


Just This Year-

Harbor Walk

Three Turbines which will if “conservative numbers” pan out will provide $450K in energy savings and the City didn’t pay a dime for them.


Expansion at Gortons

Burnhams Field The Largest Inner City Green Space Gets Totally Redone

Endicott College Opens It’s Doors In Gloucester

Excellent New Police and Fire Chiefs

Huge windfalls in free cash and upgraded bond ratings

Huge upgrades to our water and sewer infrastructure

#Boom!  You can fool good about the direction this City is taking. Honoring it’s past while readying for it’s future.

(Thanks Ed for helping me with this list)

Toby Burnham- The Seagull Whisperer

So yesterday this Homie was on the roof of Toby Burnham’s lobster boat The Jupiter II with a striper plug with it’s treble hooks stuck in its leg and abdomen.  it was stuck hobbling around and in obvious pain.

2012-11-03 14.43.50

Toby was inside the cabin oblivious to the condition of the seagull and when he popped his head out the seagull flew off the roof of the boat and onto the roof of our dock here at Captain Joe and Sons.

Toby grabbed a piece of herring and lured the injured seagull back down off the roof of the dock and just as the seagull got within striking range he snatched it by the tail and held it by it’s neck.


2012-11-03 14.44.54

Then grabbing a pair of metal cutters he snipped the treble hooks to remove them from the feet and abdomen without tearing the belly out of the seagull.

2012-11-03 14.45.012012-11-03 14.45.08

Moments later he was on the deck eating a piece of fish scraps Toby fed him.

2012-11-03 14.47.30

A job well done just a week after his 50th birthday.

Nice work Toby!

2012-11-03 14.47.42

Nice work Toby!


Please Everyone Join Me In Thanking Paulie Walnuts For Donating His Printing Services To Cover Our Content Hosting Fees

Thanks Paulie!

Paul donated his services printing the Beefy T’s (the best quality T’s money can buy) I got by printing the Beth Swan designed logo on them.  The money raised by the sale of the T Shirts will go toward paying the hosting fees for GMG!

If you didn’t notice earlier today Paulie knocked it out of the park with his Gloucester Zen style video of the sunset from the State Fish Pier, check it!-

State Fish Pier Sunset 08/19/2012 video

Posted on August 20, 2012 by Paul F. Frontiero Jr.

Kudos To The 2012 Block Party Organizers and Supporters

The Block Parties and The Middle Street Walk are right up there with what I think are the best family fun times for our City.  There is a tremendous amount of energy spent putting these things together and the people that work behind the scenes so you can go down and enjoy all the free entertainment and safe fun atmosphere are many.

Also thank you to the many City officials and agencies that get behind and support it.

So kudos to you all and Thank you for all the hard/fun work you do.

From the Block Party Website-

The Block Heads Who Bring the Block Parties to You Are

Mark McDonough
Mark McDonough – Eminence Gris
Entrepreneur and restaurateur, an inspiring Gloucester supporter, Mark always has his ear to the ground. Because of this he’s often hard to find. He’s a genius, but you’d never guess. He once wanted to jump off a bridge in Paris, but was afraid he’d be found in Seine. His termite collection is world renown.

Valerie Marcley
Valerie Marcley – Artistic Director and Disorganizer Former Construction worker, Playboy bunny and financial advisor to Bernie Madoff. She loves nature, in spite of what it did to her. She has dated several animals. Val enjoys rehab and injuries. She has never really grown up.

Judith Brackley
Judith Brackley – Sponsorship and Advertising Director Writer, radio station boss and news person, she’ll do anything to wear costumes. This is a sickness and she needs help. Please send your contributions (or costumes) to Sequins Anonymous. She loves show business and played the part of the chandelier in The Phantom of the Opera. Judith has almost no musical ability.

Lucinda Seigel
Lucinda Seigel – Volunteer Coordinator and Advisor: Lucinda has a vast international business experience. Because of this Interpol is offering a reward for her. She loves danger and is frequently under cover, so if you see her ignore her. Lucinda carries a gun, enjoys cannibalism and catatonic states. Don’t waste your time trying to figure her out.

Will Hunt
Will Hunt – Technical Director Will makes the Block Party music materialize. A master musician he’s learning the bagpipes but is off kilter. Will spends much of his time decomposing. Although making people leery with his incessant cheerfulness and sunny disposition, Will wears blame proudly. He has almost no self-control.

Contact us at: glostablockpahty@gmail.com with your comments and questions. See you soon!

If you’d like to volunteer, please send an email to lseigel1@gmail.com. Not sure how you can help? Click here for some fun ideas.

Thank you to our exceptionally generous sponsors for all their help! Visit them through the links below:

The GDBP is a project of the non-profit CABI with major support from

Applied Materials

Gloucester Daily Time
Stop & Shop
Orleans Live at North Shore Music Theatre

Latitude 43
Rockport National Bank
Hiltz Disposal
Alchemy Cafe & Bistro

© 2008 – 2012, Downtown Block Party Committee ~ Website donated by Van Ness Group ~ Logo & Posters by Mike Ciolino of Verve Creative

For All You Social Media Neophytes- Listen To My Boy Ryan Pinkham- The Man Knows His Stuff

Ryan Pinkham just graduated from Northeastern with a marketing degree.  He is a local man done good and believe me when I tell you he knows his social media marketing.

Ryan is part of a group of young Gloucester adults who have restored faith in the youth of our city.  There are a group of young men and women in their early 20’s in town that I’ve been completely blown away by in the past year as to how much they have their shit together.  Educated, well dressed, well mannered, responsible hard working people that make me think that as good as it is right now in Gloucester, the best is yet to come if people like this are our future.

There seems to be a whole group of them, people like Rebecca Linquata, Erica Mitchell, Joe LaRocca, Mike Torres, Ty Rogers, Jon Vizena, Shannon McCarthy, Steven Fletcher, Lily Linquata, Austin Souza, Liv Hauck, David Brooks, Dawn Gadow,  the list goes on and on…  all really good people that have made me think that the future is really looking bright if these are our future leaders.

So follow along with Ryan’s insights in his column on marketing yourself and your business

Here’s just one excerpt and following the excerpt is a link to a feed of all his latest musings on social media marketing-

7 Things People Love More Than Being Sold To







People do not love being sold to.

Whether it’s hanging up on a telemarketer, slamming the door on a salesman, or driving their car until the wheels fall off in an effort to avoid the sales pitch at the car lot—most people don’t respond well to sell, sell, sell.

But there are things  they do love—or at least love more than being sold to. And those things can actually be used to improve your chances of making the next big sale and driving business results for your brand.

Here are seven things people love and how they can be used to get more results from your email marketing. [Read more…]

Link to follow Ryan Pinkham’s marketing column here

You can also follow him on twitter, he’s one of the more interesting people I follow on a daily basis- @RyanPinkham

Look for an upcoming interview here on these pages

The Burnham’s Field Community Garden has a New Mural!

John McElhenny submits-


The Burnham’s Field Community Garden has a beautiful new mural designed and painted by the talented kids at Art Haven in Gloucester.  The mural was framed and put up at the garden over the weekend by volunteers Joe and Paula Axelrod, Aria McElhenny and Rocky Delforge.

The garden’s fence also features new vegetable sculptures that were designed and painted by the Art Haven kids with Rocky Delforge’s guidance. Public art by young local artists has officially arrived in central Gloucester’s largest green space!

The Burnham’s Field Community Garden just opened for its second season, part of a successful effort that is making Burnham’s Field cleaner, safer and more family-friendly. Come visit soon!
John McElhenny

Building the Frame
Building the Frame

Joe Axelrod (left) and Rocky Delforge build the frame for the new mural at the Burnham’s Field Community Garden.

Burnham’s Field garden sign team
Burnhams Field garden sign team

Volunteers Aria and Ruby McElhenny, Rocky Delforge, and Joe and Paula Axelrod stand next to the new mural.

Veggie sculptures on the fence
Veggie sculptures on the fence

Dozens of small sculptures of vegetables and flowers painted by Cape Ann Art Haven kids now decorate the garden’s fence.

Veggie sculpture sign

Veggie sculpture sign
A sign honors the young artists who created the sculptures.

Photos by John McElhenny

A Tremendous Night: Aran Patrican Friendship Skate, June 1, 2012 From JD Perry

This past Friday night, June 1, six teams came in from a beautiful sunny day to play in one of three games with and against friends at the Dorothy Talbot rink.  But this was more than just getting together for what could be the final skate of the 2011-2012 hockey season.  Each player paid to play in a friendly competition so they could memorialize Aran Patrican, who passed away suddenly from a heart infection in January – two weeks following the birthday of Thomas, his one year old son.  The night was a wonderful experience and such a success that we raised $2,620 for the growth fund set up to benefit his son’s education, the Thomas Patrican Scholarship Fund (http://www.thomaspatricantrust.com/Donation_Information.html).

This event brought together those who knew Aran, a decorated officer with the Gloucester Police Department, having skated with and against him during his lifelong hockey career – from youth hockey, through GHS and various teams in the Gloucester Industrial Hockey League, summer leagues, on the ponds, pick-up games, etc. – and friends of his friends.  Some of the guys who skated had the distinct honor of also being coached by him.  Additionally, we had a strong, albeit small (only 2 this year), contingent of women hockey players.

The games were competitive, but especially focused on having a fun time.  This carried from the locker rooms to the on-ice action then afterwards at Espresso’s.  The level of camaraderie that exists within the hockey community is rivaled by few other groups.  This was in evidence all night long and has been expressed to me by everyone with whom I have spoken since.  Whether breaking down a play from one of the games, retelling any number of Aran-centric stories — writ large because his presence always made it so, laughing, or commiserating; the night was special.  Emotions ran the gamut when the discussion turned to reflection.  Being granted the opportunity to catch up and hang out with old friends and teammates is a luxury that tends to fall by the wayside as life continues on and we grow out of some circles while new responsibilities and commitments crowd them out, necessarily.  So it was in this spirit that the event, highlighted by the culmination of so many positive elements, drew sincere appreciation by those who participated.

Special thanks go out to every single person who contributed to this event.  A few individuals deserve to be recognized by name because they ensured that this first annual Aran Patrican Friendship Skate lived up to its potential – which it did in spades.  Rusty Harnish, aside from refereeing the first game, helped oversee coordination of the event with Paul "Vuda" Genovese, Barry Clifford, Jimmy Marr, and Rob Bouchie.  Kim Philbrook and Eric Russell donated their time and officiating expertise to the cause by refereeing for the night.  And, obviously, we couldn’t have done this without the teams involved:  Vuda and Barry (Old Timers) vs. Doc Cunningham and Doug Grimes (JP Truckers), Doc Twombly and Mike Hale (Monday Night Crew) vs. Bob Cooper and Frank Souza (Diggers), and Doc T. and Mike H. (MNC II) vs. Tony Frontiero, Jr. and Tony "The Legend" Frontiero (Road Kill).  And, also, for the Gloucester Police Department – though we had a limited number of players from the force this year, they provided Doc Twombly with a uniform that he hung below the scoreboard to represent the spirit of Aran.

We look forward to the second annual Aran Patrican Friendship Skate which will take place in about a year.  Planning this event for 2013 will be done with more lead time than we had this year so we will be able to include many of the individuals and teams that couldn’t attend this year. 

We will also be organizing a similar fund-raising event in August.  The Patrican Brothers Memorial Golf Invitational "Classic" will memorialize both Aran and Ryan Patrican to support the Thomas Patrican Scholarship Fund.  Details on this event to follow.

Aran Patrican Friendship Skate Organizers 2012
The Aran Patrican Friendship Skate 2012 organizers
Back row (L to R):  Rusty Harnish, JD Perry
Front row (L to R):  Jimmy Marr, Paul “Vuda” Genovese, Barry Clifford, Rob Bouchie
Old Timers
Old Timers
Back row (L to R):  Jim Douglass, Carl Wall, Dominic Sanfilippo, Darren Marques, Sean Cranston, Fred Parisi, Jimmy Marr, Connor Cranston, Tim Marques, Jake Dube
Front row (L to R):  JD Perry, Barry Clifford, Paul “Vuda” Genovese, Bob Marshall,  Dirk Wierbicky, and not pictured Rob Bouchie
JP Truckers
JP Truckers
Back row (L to R):  Darrell Seppala, Steve Cahill, Doug Grimes, Marc Cunningham, Chris O’Brien, Nick Novello
Front row (L to R):  Pete Sutera, Jack Russ, Dana MacDonald, Steve Militello and not pictured Steve MacDonald, Kevin Riley
Doc Twombly's Monday Night Crew
Doc Twombly’s Monday Night Crew
Back row (L to R):  Sean Keefe, Tom Callahan, Tad White, Nick Parisi, Mike Hale, Nate "bubba" Levie, Andrew Marques, Dave Smyth
Front row (L to R):  Doc Twombly, Jeff Towne, Myriam Callahan, Chris Seely, Ben Levie, Pete Smyth, Tiffany Bichrest
Back row (L to R):  Jerry Ciaramitaro, Brian Horne, Jason Thibodeau , Mike Muniz, Robie Mac Laughlin, Bob Cooper
Front row (L to R):  Frank Souza, Sean Lyons, Jim Muniz, John Collins and not pictured Kevin Fitzpatrick 
Doc Twombly's Monday Night Crew II
Doc Twombly’s Monday Night Crew II
Back row (L to R):  Tad White, Tom Callahan, Chris Seely, Mike Hale, Dave Smyth, Andrew Kirkaldy, Andrew Marques, Tiffany Bichrest, Myriam Callahan, Nate "bubba" Levie
Front row (L to R):  Doc Twombly, Jeff Towne, Pete Smyth, Nick Parisi, Sean Keefe, Ben Levie
Road Kill
Road Kill
Back row (L to R):  Chad Movalli, Dave Collins, Adam Brown, Jason Harrington, Tyler Philbrook, McKenzie Quinn, Steve Philbrook, Rob Parsons
Front row (L to R):  Anthony Cusamano, Tony Frontiero Jr, Tony Frontiero Sr
Rusty Harnish
Rusty Harnish
Eric Russell and Kim Philbrook
Eric Russell and Kim Philbrook
Aran Patrican and Braeden Perry, 2011 Stanley Cup Championship series
Aran Patrican, Braeden Perry during 2011 Stanley Cup Championship series

Click below for the slideshow of pictures from JD Perry-


Lots of Locks of Love

Jason Grow writes-


My gals Jemima & Maisie and their two best buds Diane Story and Rebecca Dowd, all 5th graders at East Gloucester Elementary, went down to Fatima’s on Main Street and had their substantial hair lopped off for Locks of Love. Big shout out to the team down there who did a great job and especially Lisa Jenkins for making it all work. The girls have been planning this for about a year now with the end of 5th grade in sight it seemed like as good a time as any.


My View Of Life As a Rock Hog By Josh Serrin

Josh Serrin writes-

So I’ve been getting a lot of flak lately about the number of art rocks that I have.  To this date I have six: Good Harbor Beach, State Fish Pier, Niles Beach, Fishermens Wives Statue, Boulevard and Jacobs Landing.  My wife has dubbed me “Rock Hog” and whenever I tell Joey that I found another one I always get the response, “ Again?”  So here’s the story of each and everyone one of them. 

8/22/2010 – Good Harbor Beach

Ah, my first! At this point of the story I had never found one.  I always saw them on GMG and thought how great it would be to have one of my own.  This one, I believe, was sitting there for about an hour or two when I saw the post.  I thought for sure it was already taken but it’s a minute bike ride down from my house so I figured why not try.  I spotted it from the road and was so happy.  I’m sure all the people walking around thought I was a quack when I jumped for joy and had a huge smile on my face.  My son Jack thought it was great too (as you can see from his face).


10/16/2010 – State Fish Pier


This one was really fun.  I was outside doing some yard work, checked the blog from my phone, jumped on my bike and hauled ass down to the state fish pier.  I had to ride around for a bit looking for this white painted rock.  I knew from the post that the rock was next to it but I wasn’t familiar with the area so I had to really look.  Not only did I find an Art Rock, I figured out just how out of shape I was biking back home.

2/13/2011 Niles Beach


I remember farting around the house on this cold day, checking the blog and then jumping in my car to see if it was still there.  Low and behold it was.

5/21/2011 Cripple Cove


I did not end up getting this rock but it was really fun to watch someone snatch it.  My mother-in-law was in town and we were all out.  We live right down the street from Cripple Cove and were forewarned about a pending art rock coming up around 7:30.  We got back to the house at about 7:31 (yes, precise time is relevant), checked the blog while we were all still in the car and headed down.  We got there, say, at 7:33 but we saw a person walking the buoy around so I figured it was gone.  I decided to not get out and look.  We sat in the parking lot for about 5 minutes.  Someone showed up talking on their phone with a big huge GMG sticker on the back of there car, walked over to the buoy and jumped for joy when they found it.  I think I remember her saying, “I found it” to the person on the phone.  All along while, we were sitting in the parking lot the rock was right there!  It was really great seeing someone else get one… I already have 3 by that time so I wasn’t too disappointed.  I only wish I was able to get it to give to my mother-in-law though.  We sat for a little while longer and people kept streaming in!  In a matter of probably 5 minutes we saw about 5 cars pull up, people get out, walk over to the buoy to look for the rock and then just back into their car and leave.  Joey took this to a whole new level a couple days later and videotaped people walking around his shop looking for one.  I would have been there but I was in the hospital and came upon this little surprise… our daughter Katie!

5/26/2011 – Fishermens Wives Statue

This is by far my favorite rock.  Not only did Paul find the PERFECT hiding place but it also looks incredible.  Again, checked my phone, jumped in the car and headed to the scene.  I walked around for about 10 minutes.  I looked in the flowers, all along the stones, under the benches, everywhere!  Art Rocks are usually at least the size of your fist so they can be spotted from afar.  This art rock, though, was incredibly small and in a little crevice under the statue.  You could be standing 5 feet from the statue and still wouldn’t be able to see it.  I ended up walking right up to the statue, peeked on top and saw the rock.

January 2012: Boulevard

This is the only one that I didn’t get a picture of.  I remember this being a pretty cold day and I was grocery shopping with my son Jack.  While in the parking lot I check my phone and saw that there was an Art Rock down at the Boulevard.  I wanted to get home though.  Jack was being a little fussy and needed a nap.  My normal routine when I’m heading home from Stop and Shop is to head over to the bridge at GHB and then a short trip to the Back Shore and then up through Bass Rocks Golf course.  We live right past the golf course so I get a nice scenic route on my way home.  Well… Jack fell asleep before we hit the Back Shore so I figured why not keep going to the Boulevard.  I pulled up to the tennis courts and saw Ed Collard walking around.  Now, it was pretty cold outside with maybe one or two brave souls walking around so I knew right away that he got it.  Ed was looking around a lot over his shoulder and doing quick loops around that area like he was waiting for someone.  I just helped Ed take down the Lobster Pot tree so I figure I’d say hi and ask him if he found it (which I knew he did).  With a big huge smile he said yes and that he was going to give it to the first person that showed up.  Well, that was me!  I said he didn’t have to but he was pretty persistent. (I think he was freezing his butt off and didn’t want to wait around for another person.)  Ed has the picture of this one laying around somewhere.

4/15/2012 Captain Solomon Jacobs Landing https://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2012/04/14/art-rocks-04142012-630pm/


Jack found the last rock.  On this Sunday morning, I had to go to the Building Center.  It was about 8:50 when Jack and I drove into Harbor Loop only to find out that the BC wasn’t open.  Instead of leaving through the TDBank parking lot, I drove down the loop.  I rarely do this but we were in no rush to go anywhere.  The Art Rock was posted the previous night and I didn’t know where Solomon Jacobs Landing was.  Well, if you didn’t know it was on Harbor Loop, then now you do and so do I!  At this point, the rock was sitting around for over 14 hours so there is no WAY that thing is still lying around… but I figure we’d get out and walk down anyway.  I wanted to show Jack the Coast Guard boats.  I parked and let him out and we walked down to the benches.  I spotted the rock at a good distance… and so did Jack.  He was the one that actually went over and picked it up.  I was planning on leaving it where it was but he didn’t.  He was really excited to find a rock, let alone an Art Rock.  And like all rocks that we find near the water they go back into the water and make a big splash!  I couldn’t let that happen though.  As soon as he made a b-line to the water I had to stop him. 


So, now you might be asking yourself what I do with all of these rocks… I have them on display around my house.  There are two in our entry way, my favorite sits alongside family pictures on a shelf in our living room and three are downstairs on my office desk which I look at every day.

So that’s the story of the Rock Hog by the Rock Hog, I guess.  I can’t say I’ll never find another one but I do know that I’ll never take from the same place twice.  I really value each and every rock that I find (if you haven’t noticed yet).  I feel so lucky to have one, let alone six.  Paul, you should know that every time you leave one of these rocks that you are not only making someone’s day but giving that person a memory that will last a lifetime.  Thank you for everything that you’ve done.

aaaand The 2012 GMG Gloucester Earth Day Live Blog Starts…NOW!

Just In- Alicia Cox from Mamie’s Kitchen just informed me that she will be supplying the peeps that come down the dock with a sheetpan full of the WORLD’S GREATEST COFFEE ROLLS!


Boom!  That just happened.  I suggest if you plan on coming down and volunteering with us that you get here right at 8 or Ed Collard is liable to pound down half the sheetpan and you might go without Winking smile

95 East Main St Captain Joe and Sons


We will be having coffee and donuts, giving away GMG Stickas and drawing names from our Earth Day Volunteers for some long sleeve GMG embroidered T Shirts and an embroidered GMG cap (donated by Paulie Walnuts) www.art-rocks.org. There will be an Art Rock hidden.  For our waterfront dockside cleanup.

Send in your volunteer pictures from around the city togoodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com I’ll be live blogging it all day long and we want to give recognition to all those folks that are making a difference today!



Melissa Cox is picking up the goodies and yellow bags along with the ones that Rose LoPiccolo dropped off.  Melissa is also bringing disposable gloves in case you don’t have any.

7:10AM Melissa and Bill Cox show up with first round of goodies for our volunteers-


7:20 Art Rock Is Hidden


Alice Gardner Shows Up


Alicia’s Cox’ Coffee rolls-


Karen Ristuben writes-

Hi Joey,
Here’s evidence that every day should be Earth Day.


We got 30 Bags, Pictured left to right Joey C, Melissa Cox, Bill Cox,Ed Collard, Alice Gardner and Kim Smith.

Alice Gardner did a fantastic job and picked up Cripple Cove Landing


Pictured- Bill Cox Who Found His First Art Rock


We are bringing the leftover coffee rolls, donuts and coffee to the Visitor’s Center at Stage Fort.  Great work team!  Thanks to Donna Ardizzoni and The One Hour at a Time Gang and Donna for dropping off water for the volunteers.  Thanks to our volunteers, thanks to Paulie Walnuts for donating the swag, thanks to Alicia Cox at Mamie’s Kitchen for the discounted coffee rolls, thanks to Rose LoPiccolo for her coordinating and Patti Amaral and the rest of the people all over the city and world who are pitching in to make this place we live a better place.

Alice Gardner’s Earth Day Photos from The Dock

Alice writes-


What a fun time we had! Thank you and Happy Anniversary!  Love that limited edition sticker.  The last pictures are of my Earth Day Flag.

Rose LoPiccolo and Patti Amaral With their Earth Day Clean Up Crew At Stage Fort Park


Earth Day Educational Material at Stage Fort Park


Earth Day Volunteer List


Fruits and Veggies Collected for The Open Door Food Pantry


Rose LoPiccolo Reports-

Hi Joey!

Glad to hear it was a success down on the dock!  I don’t have as many photos of different locations as I would like to have had.  I checked in at Stage Fort Park – and there was a group hard at work spreading mulch, not sure but i think it was the Rotary Club – I’ll double check that for you.  Then I got a call  from Laurel Tarantino asking if anyone was looking for a spot to clean – she was at the lower end of Essex Avenue  – the marsh stretch to Dunkin Donuts… so I decided to head down there to give her a had for a bit before I bounced around to check in with everyone,  I ended up staying there all morning and never went anywhere else!  While we were cleaning – A Hiltz truck stopped and took about 8 bags for us – we ended up picking up about 20 bags just from that little stretch!!!!

Thank you so much for all your help and I really love my cool GMG metalic sticker!!!!


A couple of late additions from Rose LoPiccolo

This just in from Bob Scola – he raked all of Pavilion Beach!!!


Rise and Shine Campers! It’s Earth Day! We’ll Be Live Blogging It So Send In Your Group Volunteer Pictures So We Can Feature You Here ON GMG!!!


We will be having coffee and donuts, giving away GMG Stickas and drawing names from our Earth Day Volunteers for some long sleeve GMG embroidered T Shirts and an embroidered GMG cap (donated by Paulie Walnuts) www.art-rocks.org. There will be an Art Rock hidden.  for our Waterfront dockside cleanup.

Send in your volunteer pictures from around the city to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com I’ll be live blogging it all day long and we want to give recognition to all those folks that are making a difference today!


Melissa Cox is picking up the goodies and yellow bags along with the ones that Rose LoPiccolo dropped off.  Melissa is also bringing disposable gloves in case you don’t have any.


If you would like to volunteer in other locations here’s more info from Rose-

The Clean City Initiative will be focusing its efforts on Stage Fort Park from 9 to noon, but the clean up is citywide and participants are encouraged to choose a public area in Gloucester they would like to see cleaned up.  We are also asking different groups to reach out to their members and pick a problem area to clean that day.  Listed below are some hot spots if folks need ideas.

    Green Street Playground                Cherry Street
Pavilion Beach                    Maplewood Avenue
Magnolia Avenue                    Centennial Ave to High School
Poles Hill                        Fitz Henry Lane
Thatcher Road                    Railroad Avenue
Fort Square                        Gloucester Avenue

If you are organizing a group and an area to clean, contact Rose LoPiccolo at Gloucester DPW before the event to let her know where you will be working and estimated number of yellow trash bags and clear recycling bags you will need.  Rose can be reached at 978 281 9785.  Rose will be maintaining a list of all the clean up spots to insure we are maximizing our efforts! Volunteers are encouraged to bring their own tools and re-useable gloves, although gloves will be available.

Not Attached to a Group??
On the day of the clean up, volunteers (all ages welcome!) should plan to meet at Stage Fort Park Visitors Center starting at 9 am until noon to sign in and pick up trash/recycling bags and gloves, if needed.

Gloucester Random Acts Of Kindness

Lynn Maclaughlin writes-

I get a huge kick out of people putting xtra change in expired meters around town, especially Dale ave./handicapped spaces.

If you notice someone doing something that deserves recognition as a random act of kindness around town that is not an obvious advertisement for business send it in to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com and I’ll post it

FOB Kyle Edmonds Honored At The Bruins Game!

From the Bruins Website:

The Boston Bruins organization is proud to announce the 2012 recipients of the Boston Bruins Ice Hockey Sportsmanship Medal. These student-athletes were selected for best exemplifying a commitment to the ideals of sportsmanship throughout the season. These young men and women demonstrated a tremendous commitment to teamwork and exhibited respect both on and off the ice. For 10 years, the MIAA (Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association) and the Boston Bruins have partnered to honor one worthy student-athlete from every boys and girls ice hockey league statewide. Boston Bruins Hall of Famer and hockey legend John Bucyk will present each of these deserving athletes with their awards.
WHEN: Tuesday, March 27 during the second intermission of the Bruins/Lightning game beginning at 7:30 p.m.
WHERE: TD Garden, 100 Legends Way, Boston, MA 02114 (on the Bruins bench)
BRUINS PARTICIPATING: Hall of Famer and hockey legend John Bucyk

From the Rockport High School Website:

RHS junior Kyle Edmonds was named by the Commonwealth Athletic Conference the winner of the 2012 Boston Bruins – MIAA Sportsmanship Award winner! Congratulations Kyle. The award is given annually to one individual from each league who best exemplifies the highest standards of fair play and sportsmanship in high school ice hockey. Kyle will be presented his award on the ice on Tuesday, March 27th at the TD Garden during the 2nd intermission of the Boston Bruins game against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Congratulations Kyle we are all very proud of you!

From the MIAA Website:


For the tenth consecutive year, the MIAA and Boston Bruins have partnered to honor a student-athlete from every boys and girls high school ice hockey league in the state for best exemplifying a commitment to the ideals of sportsmanship throughout the season. These student-athletes were selected by representatives of their league according to the following award criteria:

· An exemplary record of complying, both in spirit and letter, with all league and MIAA rules and regulations during the season.

· A demonstrated record of respectfully accepting the rulings of game officials during the season.

· A record of conduct, on and off the ice that brings honor to self, team, school, and community.

· An exhibited commitment to teamwork by providing all members with recognition of their talents, an opportunity to contribute them to the team, and a spirit of camaraderie.

· A demonstrated respect for opponents before, during, and after games.

These student-athletes were honored on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at the TD Garden during the second intermission of the Boston Bruins game against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Kyle Edmonds (Gloucester, MA)

Rockport High School

Commonwealth Athletic Conference

A junior defenseman, Kyle served as a captain on the Rockport team that advanced to the semi-finals in the MIAA Division 3 North Tournament this season. Rockport Head Coach Derek Papalegis says, “He is adisciplined player. That’s why we put the ‘A’ on his jersey. He’s not a vocal leader but he leads by example. The way he plays is the right way, he always gives 110% and he does the little things. He makes smart passes, he will give up his body to make a play. You don’t necessarily have to be vocal to be an on ice leader, he does it by doing the right things.”

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Woot!  Kyle’s a great young man!  Congrats!

Here’s Kyle with Joey Ciolino in the International Dories-

Bailing out the practice dories-



The Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church is planning another “Night of Recognition” to honor those who give generously to make Gloucester a better place. Nominations are now being received of men and women who have worked quietly and diligently, on their own or within an organization, often behind the scenes and with no expectation of pay or public notice. These are people who have by their actions have improved the quality of life in their neighborhood or anywhere in Gloucester .  Teenage to old age, there are no age restrictions.

Some examples – an individual who:

  • embodies the ideals of friendship
  • gives a helping hand to those who need to get back on their feet
  • has helped keep a cultural/community program alive

You probably know someone who deserves this recognition. Tell us about her or him.

Nominations are due by Friday, April 13.  Awards will be given May 20, at a ceremony at the church starting at 7 p.m. Come one, come all!

Mail to Gloucester Unitarian Universalist Church , 10 Church St. , Gloucester 01930

or email your nomination to gloucesteruu@earthlink.net

What Community Is All About- Burnham’s Field Clean Up

John McElhenny writes-


Seventeen people came to Burnham’s Field on Saturday morning to make the largest green space in central Gloucester a more beautiful place. Mission accomplished! They fixed a fence, erased graffiti, picked up litter and trimmed brush. Local businesses got into the act, too. Paulo, Catherine and Mauro from CleanPro, the Gloucester cleaning company, volunteered two hours of their time. Mamie’s Kitchen, a great little restaurant on Pleasant Street, gave free coffee and cookies to the volunteers. Ben’s Wallpaper & Paint donated paint.

Many of the volunteers came because they had seen the announcement on the blog – yet another example of GoodMorningGloucester bringing people together to do good things for Gloucester. A short time after the volunteers finished the clean-up, more than a dozen kids were playing on the newly cleaned up courts and field.

Thanks to all who came out!

John McElhenny

Holly picks up litter

Holly Makowsky, a School Street resident, picks up litter alongside the basketball court at Burnham’s Field.

Melissa hauls brush

City Councilor Melissa Cox, whose ward includes Burnham’s Field, clears dead brush from next to the fence.

CleanPro guys sweep court

Mauro Silva (left) and Paulo Ferrari, Gloucester residents who work for CleanPro, sweep up broken glass on the basketball court.

Ed fixes the fence

Ed Collard fixes a fallen fence with help from Rich Bean (left) and Ron Gilson (in back). Ron was born in Gloucester during the Great Depression. Rich moved to Gloucester seven months ago. They met on Saturday and worked together to clean up Burnham’s Field.

Group shot

Some of the volunteers who cleaned up Burnham’s Field on Saturday. Front row: Patti Amaral, Melissa Cox, Ron Gilson, Donna Ardizzoni. Back row:  Rich Bean, Ed Collard, Bill Cox, Lindsay Welch.

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