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The Gloucester House

If you’re looking for a great Sunday breakfast buffet, look no further.  The Gloucester House puts on an incredible breakfast buffet on Sundays from 9:30-1:00. I and all the artists who took part, want to give a big round of … Continue reading

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Kudos To David Brooks, Bex Borden The Staff and Kids At The Hive

If you don’t know by now that The Hive is just an incredible gift to our community and positive force than you just aren’t living breathing and opening your eyes enough to realize what positive juju is being pumped out … Continue reading

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Drive by Samaritans and Good Eggs on Main Street

Fred Bodin Submits- Just after 7 pm tonight (8/20/13), two young ladies came into my gallery to look around after out dining together at Jalapeños next door. On their way out, they stopped at the counter and one of them … Continue reading

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World Famous Deviled Egg Competition this Sunday at Mug Up

This is not to be missed.  If you haven’t experienced a GMG Mug Up Food Competition at Khan Studio and the Good Morning Gloucester Gallery, you have been missing something big.  It is time for the World Famous GMG Biennial Deviled … Continue reading

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The Gloucester Committee for the Arts announces $13,200 in new private donation!

Catherine Ryan submits- Hi Joey The Gloucester Committee for the Arts announces $13,200 in new private donation! This jumbo gift enables the current conservation work on six of the Charles Allen Winter New Deal murals in City Hall to be … Continue reading

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If this story doesn’t make you cry you’re a cold hearted monster and I don’t want to know you

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This Is A Man’s Scarf Damnit!

Well at the Mass Cultural Council Meeting at Fred Bodin’s I was envious of my pal Melissa Cox’ super soft scarf.  I asked her to make me one and she gave me the one around her neck.  Such a good … Continue reading

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Some Photos From Ed’s Coronation As President of The Cape Ann Chamber Of Commerce Board of Directors

You know normally I’d start out a photo montage mostly about Ed with a photo of Ed but The Photo of The Night Was of None Other Than New Chamber CEO Robert Heidt Getting His Groove On- PRICELESS! Robert’s just … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday To Blinded By The White 2012 Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Tourney Champ Shannon McCarthy

What, You Thought We Wouldn’t Find Out? Head Down to Cape Ann Brewing Tonight and Wish Shannon a Happy Birthday In Person and Don’t Forget To Tip Her Well Too!

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Yo Councilor Cox Can We Kindly Request Turbine Results?

Per our discussion in the GMG comment section I contend that if the energy produced and saved results were made available online that it would make the proponents happy and the skeptics happy if the results are what they’ve been … Continue reading

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The Library and Librarians Are Flat Out Some Of The Greatest Local Resources Going- Poll

As I was preparing my list of books to take on vacation there was one I had at the top of that list- Adam Carolla’s Not Taco Bell Material.  Last year in Playa del Carmen I read his first book … Continue reading

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Big Time Props For Cathy McCarthy and Susan and Denny For Organizing The Food Drive At The Rocky Neck Plunge

645 Pounds of Food and $141 Were Collected At The 2013 Rocky Neck Plunge! Great Work Cathy, Susan and Denny and Everyone Who Contributed!!! G Town At It’s Finest Doing Good For A Cause While Having Fun #Boom!

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Has Any Gloucester Mayor Or City Council Had This Much Success In What Is Supposed To Be A Suck Economy?

Big Time Kudos to Those In Charge.  I’d Say We’ve Never Had It So Good Just This Year- Harbor Walk Three Turbines which will if “conservative numbers” pan out will provide $450K in energy savings and the City didn’t pay … Continue reading

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The 2012 Gloucester MA Lobster Trap Tree Takes Shape

Pics and Video From Niece Amandacakes click for video- Our Donna Ardizzoni Hard At Work

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Toby Burnham- The Seagull Whisperer

So yesterday this Homie was on the roof of Toby Burnham’s lobster boat The Jupiter II with a striper plug with it’s treble hooks stuck in its leg and abdomen.  it was stuck hobbling around and in obvious pain. Toby … Continue reading

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Please Everyone Join Me In Thanking Paulie Walnuts For Donating His Printing Services To Cover Our Content Hosting Fees

Thanks Paulie! Paul donated his services printing the Beefy T’s (the best quality T’s money can buy) I got by printing the Beth Swan designed logo on them.  The money raised by the sale of the T Shirts will go … Continue reading

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Kudos To The 2012 Block Party Organizers and Supporters

The Block Parties and The Middle Street Walk are right up there with what I think are the best family fun times for our City.  There is a tremendous amount of energy spent putting these things together and the people … Continue reading

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