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Aaand the Duck Torture Continues- Aileen Kern Submits-

Hi Joey,
My husband Doug and I enjoyed meeting Sista Felicia, the Mrs., Amanda and B.J. this past summer at the Waterfront Festival.  We bought a couple of T-shirts and got a stickah too.  We went to Salzburg, Austria for Christmas and planned to take the stickah with us to send you a photo of us representing, but we couldn’t find it when we were packing for the trip.  So instead, I’m sending you some photos of Salzburg shop windows displaying Mozart Rubber Ducks and others with an Austrian theme.  The Austrian branch of the RD family!!  Thought this might provide a few laughs on a late January day.
Many thanks to you and all of the blog contributors for everything you do—-GMG provides my daily connection to Gloucester in between visits and until we can move there—I absolutely love the photos, community news, and humor.
Take care!
Aileen Kern

I’m sure Morrison is sitting somewhere giggling like a schoolgirl.